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Azash is one of the major languages spoken on Atrana, particularly the Kessem and Kunae.

Geographical Distribution

Originating in Atrana, particularly Astairus and its vassal nations, Azash has meanwhile also spread throughout Ivendarea due to Zerenda's Conquest. It is recognized as one of the nation's official languages and spoken by most inhabitants of the Ivendarean Mainland in everyday life. On Maan Garth the use of Azash is frowned upon, and basically obsolete since the The Revolution War. Regardless though, many Gaanar actually learn to speak and write Azash, due to the lack of use of the language though most don't speak it very well.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Since Azash used to be mostly spoken in Astairus before its fall, many common phrases and idioms have something to do with this nation, as well with Kessem and Kunae traditions and believes.  
A blunt sword may still defend you, but only sharpened will it lead to victory.
A common saying that encourages regular exercise of one's skills - particularly the ones one considers decent enough, but doesn't excel in yet.

In the end the hot sand burning your feet will remind you to keep running.
When everything seems hopeless, spite, the fear of failure, or even potential harm and punishment can be good enough motivators to keep going.

Using a great-sword to butter the bread
Going completely over the top or being unnecessarily boastful.

An armour does not make a knight
Money, influence, or pretence can never make up for a lack of skill.

The one who always looks into the distance doesn't see the dagger at his throat
This saying in particular came to great popularity shortly before and after the assassination of king Nadera. Zerenda's father had been known for his dreams of grandeur and establishing a world-encompassing Assadin empire, ignoring the unrest brewing in his own nation, his own family even. He was stabbed to death by his two eldest children.

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