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Born from the chaos of the End of All Things, Eelbominations are enormous eel-like mutants that live in the Iron Ocean. As every world and every plane collapsed to form Ithekshem, countless places were flooded with magic and alien, arcane forces, changing life into new and often horrifying shapes. The Eelbominations have such a heritage, once being little more than a regular but large species of saltwater eels that fed on fish, clam, and the occasional drowned sailor. When the End came, they were remade, mutated across the last hundred years to new, grotesque shapes.   They have mottled, wrinkled skin that range in color from dull grey to deep, midnight blue, usually imbedded with small pebbles of metal that grow from within, bony spikes, or cancerous, barnacle-like growths. In wild Eelbominations, these can sometimes grow to cover the entire animal, almost as a layer of tumorous armor, while domesticated (a relative term with the Eelbominations) usually have their outgrowths trimmed and cut. Long fins run down the Eelbomination's body, occasionally punctuated by a sharp spine-quill.  
A regular Eelbomination can grow as long as five meters, while those bred for war can reach twice that.
  Eelbominations have between three and six eyes, unevenly distributed across its face. Not all function, and it is not uncommon for one or more eyes to be rotting in its socket, victim to the unstable form of the Eelbominations. Their jaws open wide, with a second set of jaws inside the first, allowing Eelbominations to bite and clamp down twice with vice-like grip.   Despite their looks, Eelbominations are even-tempered and predictable. They attack when hungry or threatened, sleep and play when they are full, and congregate in small swarms for leisure and socializing. This behavior has made them favored mounts and draft-animals of the various Merfolk factions in the Iron Ocean, used for everything from devastating underwater charges to hauling materials or goods.   Wild Eelbominations hunt by biting down on a prey animal and then wrapping around it, squeezing it to death. They hunt large prey, like Great White sharks, orcas, small krakens, and similar sized things. They usually avoid attacking ships, though sailors under the water make for a fine snack.   As tensions rise in the region, populations of Eelbominations are being whipped up by mages on all sides into an uncharactaristic frenzy, making shipping across the Iron Ocean more dangerous than ever before.


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