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Ulfric von Eckehart

Ulfric von Eckehart

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  Ulfric von Eckehart is the eldest son of Silas and Sarah von Eckehart. Originally, he was a human noble and a powerful hunter-warrior. He was killed in the First World in 5212 at the age of 25 whilst trying to protect his sister, Viktoria, from a powerful fey.   He spent many years twisted into a horrific and ageless being of shadow before the intervention of Lost Ones finally restored him to human form. The attempt to save him was not without its challenges; Ulfric killed and cursed Talindë Ae'tharis repeatedly during the elf's separation from his party, and equally provided horrifying challenge to the rest.   He now lives in Eckehart Mansion with his father, and is researching a method of safely resurrecting his siblings from their undeaths whilst readjusting to life. It is not known what long-term effects the fey have had on him.
Year of Birth
5187 EA 439 Years old

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