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Haeng Na

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  Haeng Na is a nation in Xin-Jiyu's west, nestled across the foothills and peaks of the Talmian Range. A good chunk of its population are nomadic, preferring to wander across the neutral Tulaant Steppe as traders; those who are left are those who either craft or fight.   The nation is known for its spirited warriors and deep ties to the world's elements. Their warriors are often magical, and though they have a societal preference for blessings from deities, Haeng Na holds little ill-will to arcane spellcasters.   Their relations with Vuorenmaa and Galasthin are usually strained, and they have a history of war throughout Xin-Jiyu since Meihua fell. In recent years, Haeng Na and Tsukirai have formed alliances thanks to their respective ties to the spirit world.
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