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Blade of the Free Spirit

This article contains details that are only known to the Lost Ones and their closest allies.   It is not general knowledge, and is not part of the Codices!
  The Blade of the Free Spirit is a peculiar rapier containing the full deific power of the fallen god Cayden Cailean. It is, as such, a major artifact utterly unparalleled throughout the universe, for it is essentially a crystallised deity that may be wielded by any entity - mortal or immortal - throughout the planes.   Like with other artifacts of its type, use of the Blade of Free Spirit is one of the few methods that a mortal may ascend to deity status. However, the consciousness of Cayden Cailean is bound to the sword in some odd way as the originator of its power; to consume its power in this way would likely have dire impacts on Cayden himself, and potentially also on the psyche of the wielder.   It is also one of the very few ways one may destroy a Shard of the Void.


Do you realise what you have done?
— the Steward of the Skein
  When the Lost Ones travelled into the Endless Archives to face the Unbroken March, they did so unprepared for what lay in wait. The Shard easily snared them in its plans, entangling both the Lost Ones and their Starcrowned allies in its dark plots. Though the adventurerss fought well, eventually overcoming the dangers in their way, its final sting caught them by surprise.  
the March, Defeated
For when they saw the book sitting there, plain and undefended, they did not know its sentience awaited their next move with glee. They took the Shard and teleported to the Boneyard, the realm of Fate and Death, with the intent of asking Pharasma herself for help with its destruction.   Six seconds is all it took. The Unbroken March, the Shard with the power to rewrite any text, struck three deities from Fate's record with its powers, having bided its time to do just that.   Whilst the gods reacted swiftly in isolating it, the damage was done. Cayden Cailean, Iomedae, and Norgorber each had their ascensions undone. With the assistance of their allies, though, the former gods were able to crystallise their power into the form of their favoured weapon.   For Cayden Cailean, this was a rapier - gleaming silver, with his tankard sigil emblazoned on its ornate hilt.
  Cayden happily gifted the rapier to the Lost Ones, warning them to be careful and to keep it secret. It remains with them as of early 5626, and they remain able to communicate with Cayden through the Book of Communication they gave him.
Blade of the Free Spirit
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
Late 5626
Current Location
Current Holder
Related Condition
When this is over, we're going out for drinks!
— Cayden Cailean


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