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Cragview is a small town in the foothills between the Pinecrest Mountains and the Frostcap Mountains. This town is an important part of the Duchy of Northampton despite its small size, as it is a major stopping-off point for traders and supply caravans travelling between Northampton and Fort Pinecrest. The town itself is fortified and retains a respectable garrison, and as such plays an important strategic role in securing the northern border of the Kingdom of Brisland in addition to its logistic role in supporting Fort Pinecrest.
Cragview Map


Vincent Bartledge

The seat of power over Cragview recently changed hands just four years ago in 846 I.R. Duke Faustus Leopold - displeased with the former baron's relaxed attitude towards both taxes and crime - appointed Vincent Bartledge to the role. Vincent is the nephew of Elias Bartledge, the duke of the Duchy of Riverton.   As a devoted disciple of Praedus and an outspoken ally of the Order of the Golden Stag, Vincent was a natural choice to bring a firm hand to establishing law and order in the remote town. He even brought with him Justicars and Lawkeepers of the order, along with a cadre of men-at-arms drawn from his uncle's and his father's forces in Riverton.


Cragview is ringed with a wooden palisade constructed of pine logs. There are no raised platforms behind the wall, but regularly placed guard towers provide a view of the surroundings and a place from which archers might fire upon anyone attempting to attack the town.   The new baron - Vincent Bartledge - keeps a permanent garrison of one-hundred professional men-at-arms who also act as guards and a police force for the town. Upon his arrival Bartledge also brought with him a small cadre from the Order of the Golden Stag, one of the Orders-Militant of the Temple of the Divines. The Order has established a barracks-monastery in Cragview and currently are lead by a Chief Justicar; who has under his command five Justicars and two-dozen Lawkeepers.

Lawkeeper interrogation

Before his arrival, the town was patrolled by an established town guard of roughly two-hundred men working under an appointed constable. The baron's men - including those representing the Golden Stag - generally do not work well alongside the established town guard. The two groups are actually distrusting of one another.


Cragview acts as an important rest-point in the grueling journey over rough terrain from Northampton to Fort Pinecrest. As Fort Pinecrest has little arable land to support agriculture, large amounts of foodstuffs must be transported into the highlands from the plains. Cragview in-fact experiences a similar situation and much of the agricultural product brought into the Pinecrest Hills is intended for the town itself.   As a major center of forestry industries, Cragview exports large amounts of game meat and furs in trade for these foodstuffs. Loggins is also a significant part of the town's industry. Additional income is generated by way of taxes placed upon the trade caravans traveling through the town's gates. Due to the large transient population passing through the town on a regular basis, there are a number of thriving inns and taverns Cragview.



Due to the readily available supply of pine timber and the difficulty of hauling stone through the Pinecrest Hills, every building in Cragview is made of pine wood. Many are constructed of whole logs. There are some major buildings with crushed stone foundations, but rather than transporting the stones from the Northampton quarries the stone is gathered from outcroppings in the foothills themselves. This stone is also used for chimneys, hearths, forges, and kitchen ovens.
Cragview Crest
Owning Organization
Duchy of Northampton
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The Pinecrest Foothills

The Pinecrest Foothills are a region of heavily forested highlands that run between the Pinecrest Mountains and the Frostcap Mountains. The land here is treacherous to travelers, with steeply rising hills, deep ravines, and stony outcrops being prevalent. The deep forest is also filled with a variety of animal dangers, including packs of wolves and a large number of roaming brown bears. The land also provides opportunities for hunters and trappers; with deer, elk, rabbits, and foxes all having healthy populations here.

Pine Forest


Jonas Vertrix

Jonas Vertrix is the Chief Justicar of the Cragview barracks-monastery established by the Order of the Golden Stag in 746 I.R., at the invitation of Baron Vincent Bartledge. Jonas is known as a stern and pious man, and he has little patience for those who do not follow the Path, the Truth, and the Law of the Divines. Many say that he oversteps his bounds, and some even question what authority he should actually have in Cragview. The citizens - including the local constabulary - view him with mistrust and contempt. He has sworn to fulfill his mandate despite these issues, and works tirelessly to bring order to the formerly lawless town.

Jonas Vertrix


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