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Lord of the Truth, the Path, and the Law

Praedus is the Divine of honor, law, authority, order, justice, and loyalty. He is the lord of the Law, and the protector of the Path. While the Divines have no hierarchy, Praedus is the closest they have to a leader. His is the ultimate embodiment of authority among the Divines. His word carries much weight with his fellow Divines, and while they do not bow to him they do follow his lead when the time calls for a leader.   Knights, noble lords, magistrates, and all other kinds of figures of authority all pay special homage to Praedus. Those charged with creating or upholding the law see him as the ideal they strive towards. All oaths sworn by the faithful are sworn in his name, as it is his domain to punish the oath-breaker.

Divine Domains

Honor, Law, Authority, Order, Justice, and Loyalty

Holy Books & Codes

The Six-Fold Truth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Six-Pointed Star beneath a gauntlet

Divine Classification
Temple of the Divines

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