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Weres are a shape-shifting Demon species, which typically live in medium to large sized communal groups, and are often seen adopting other species into their communities and family. They live just about everywhere, often among humans due to the fact they blend in so well.

While one may think of a stereotypical werewolf scenario, weres are far more varied; in fact, if it is a land living species and is a predator, you're likely to come across one. (For example: wolves, foxes, big cats, badgers, etc). They are the inspiration for myths of Lycanthropy, through many will tell you 'not all Were's are wolves!'.

They interact well with other species due to their shapeshifting, and have a strong comradery with Bloodkeepers.


Human Passing

Weres when in their Human-Passing form are just that; human passing. They are indistinguishable from ordinary humans at a glance. They are often seen in this form, or their second form: Mid-Shift.  


Mid-Shift is when a Were is midway between the human and full shift forms, and has varying degrees. Some Weres may only shift to have ears and tail, and others may partially change their arms and legs; this is most common in Were Rugby.  


Daemon Form

Depending on the speaker, the Weres' final form can be called two different things. In some circles, this form is simply labeled as a 'Full-Shift', as theyve moved from human-passing to a full animalistic form. Others, who are either raised to believe that demons are evil and dangerous, or are old-fashioned, will call this a Daemon form, due to their massive size.

'Sub-Species' Differences

Weres have a wide variety of sub-species. While many believe that wolves are the sole form a were can take, that knowledge is outdated and incorrect; A were is capable of being any predatory mammal, and is decided by their family tree and their first change. A fox shifting were family may have a child that can shift into a wolf, for example. This is usually limited to species that are close to one another in some way, and it is not possible to jump too far in the species list (ex: A predatory cat family having a child that can shift into a badger based form).

Species List

  • Wolf
  • Coyote
  • Fox
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Cougar
  • Badger
  • Bear

Eye Colour

Weres have the same variety in eye colour as other humanoid species, though in weres case, it is normally decided on by their mana colour. They vary from Common to Rare and will be discussed below.

    Common: Brown and Blue. Most Weres are born with these eye colours.

    Uncommon: Green and Hazel. Weres are occasionally born with these colours, though they are considered unfamiliar.

    Rare: Red, Yellow and Purple. Few are born with these eye colours, and more often than not it's a sign of incredible magic or a tell-tale sign of mixed parentage.

Heterochromia & Partial Heterochromia

Heterochromia and Partial Heterochromia colours still follow the same chart as the above, but it is more common for weres to have colours in the same category.


A Were's magic is one of their strongest suits; they have incredible natural endurance and pain tolerance, but to add to this the species has an incredible healing rate. Small scrapes and bruises heal at double the rate of a normal human's can, and they can survive major injuries far better.  


  The typical size of were humans and mid-shifts tend to be on the taller and bulkier size of beings. However, they gain incredible mass as they complete a full shift. Many scholars have debated how an above-average human sized being could grow to an average of 8'5" to 9'3" ft in height, and almost about as long. However, the exact measurements depend on the species. For example, a Full-Shift badger will not be as large as a Full-Shift tiger.  

Conservation of Mana & Mana Shells

  All creatures have an aura, or a 'shell' of mana. This aura is what allows beings to use magic, and in the Were and dragon's case, allows them to have such a large conversion of mass. Weres and Dragons have the largest stores of Mana in recorded memory. It is said that large meals must be consumed, or one must rely heavily on shifting the shell of mana for a full transformation. For more information, see Conservation of Mana.
Were Aura

Were Magic Affinity

Note: Table indicates the difficulty for each species to learn the elements. 0 = born into, 1-3 = simple to difficult, 4 = extremely difficult.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens luna

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