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Corvids are a demon species, which typically live in medium to large sized communal groups, and they are suited for hunting in pairs before returning to their current community. Their territories span lush forest, cliffside abodes, and more; the Corvids are an adaptable species, but avoid frigid climates.   Their species is named after the common species of corvids they resemble, with wide wing spans, dark plumage and taloned lower limbs. They are the inspiration for myths of winged humanioids such as Harpies.   They are wary of humans, though they're not as reclusive as Bloodkeepers . Corvids are able to co-exist with usually little judgement.


  Corvids are identifiable by their warm grey skin, and feathered appearence. Their skin tones vary due to bloodline, but most pureblood corvids have dark grey skin. Corvids born to a mixed race family usually have lighter tones of grey and the tone of their other parent.   Feathers typically adorn the scalp and mix with the corvids' hair, as well as dusted along their shoulders and back. It is possible to have small patches of down in other locations, typically close to their wings and tail.   Most Corvids are seen either barefoot or in sandals, as their feet and legs are similar to a bird's with three front toes and a back toe, all with non-retractable talons.



The plummage of a corvid can vary wildly, but the typical appearance is one with black feathers with an iridesent sheen. Other corvids have white, blue and black patterns, similar to that of a magpie.   There are also the rare cases of albino corvids, or corvids missing a substantial amount of pigment.

Corvid Eye Colour

Corvids have the same variety in eye colour as other humanoid species, though they have their own probability of the colour occurring. They vary from Common to Rare and will be discussed below. The more rare colours for corvids are usually due to a mixed race child.

    Common: Red, Gold, and Brown. Most corvids are born with these eye colours.

    Uncommon: Green and Hazel. Corvids are occasionally born with these colours, though they are considered unfamiliar, especially Green.They are usually a sign of mixed parentage.

    Rare: Blue and Purple. Few corvids are born with these eye colours, and more often than not it's a sign of incredible magic or a tell-tale sign of mixed parentage.

Heterochromia & Partial Heterochromia

Heterochromia and Partial Heterochromia colours still follow the same chart as the above, but it is more common for corvids to have colours in the same category, such as heterochromia with Red and Gold, or Blue and Purple.


Corvids are a species that are naturally inclined toward Air magic and are born with that alignment. The only exception is if they are of mixed parentage, in which case the parent species may influence their magical affinity.   They are able to learn other types of magic, and though it is most difficult for them to use Earth and Ice, it is possible through training and MEIs to have some usage of said elemental magic. However they tend to stick to Air and usually one other element of their choice.  

Magic Affinity

Species Earth Air Fire Water Light Dark Lightn. Ice
Corvid 3 0 1 1 2 1 2 3

Note: Table indicates the difficulty for each species to learn the elements. 0 = born into, 1-3 = simple to difficult, 4 = extremely difficult.

Basic Information


Corvids are humanoid demons with typically grey skin. They have scattered plumage along their bodies, usually around their shoulders, head, back and anywhere close to fully feathered body parts such as their wings and tails.   Their lower limbs resemble that of a birds, with a rough texture and long talons. These are typically dark in colouration, to match their feathers.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Corvids are omnivores, and are opportunistic hunters if in secluded territory. They typically hunt in pairs and return with their catch to their social group, where everyone shares their meals.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Air magic ; vocal mimicry ; enhanced vision ; telepathy
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens corvis
150 yrs
Average Height
Females: 5'3"
Males: 6'
Average Weight
Females: 130 lbs
Males: 160 lbs

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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