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Syndra Amakiir

Written by RiverFang

Apprentice Rune Mage Syndra Amakiir

An Elf is bent over a workbench, etching delicate Sylvan runes into a bracelet by the light streaming through the window. The single symbol she has spent hours intricately etching into the soft metal of the bracelet is her first as an Apprentice, the first spell of many that she will eventually etch into her reference object. To be a Rune Mage is to enchant, to be an apprentice under the Enchantress of Yllvalion is a privilege beyond measure.   Syndra Amakiir is an orphan of the Eldritch War, one of hundreds of children left to the streets after the war took their homes and families. Unlike many of those children, she found a calling and a new home in someone that hand survived the war and wished to pass on their craft. Like the other orphans of Yllvalion, she found a new home in the Knights of Yggdrasil.   With no place to go and no one to care, orphans of the war took to the streets of their cities, roaming and begging to stay alive. The city of Yllvalion was no different, its orphans being left as street urchins until it was decided that those in the Knights of Yggdrasil and their families would adopt these children. Syndra caught the eye of the city's Enchantress, thus she was given a family and a calling.   The Enchantress, Naya Ylyndar, was the matriarch of the Ylyndar Clan. Syndra became her apprentice, joining the Knights and the ruling clan of the Northern Outposts. Closest in age to Reinys, the two grew up almost as sisters, but Reinys' training and Syndra's schooling often kept them apart. One focused on divine magic, learning techniques and training with weapons with her brothers, while the other learned about the arcane and various crafting techniques.   Syndra served under the Enchantress in the Knights, learning the ways of the rune mage and serving the Knights in whatever capacity was needed. This often involved long hours of etching runes of her own design into various objects. Her early reference objects were plates of scribbles, but once her etching and enchanting became better, she was gifted a metal bracelet with the symbol of the Knights.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Syndra is average height and build for an Elf, being extremely fit and agile. Her physique is that of a dancer, graceful and lithe in its movements.

Body Features

Syndra has very pale skin and white hair, having very similar features to Naya Ylyndar. Her bright green eyes are striking against her pale complexion, especially when paired with the dark colors that she prefers in clothing.

Facial Features

Her facial features are very delicate, highlighting her brightly colored eyes against her pale skin and white hair. There is often color in her cheeks and her lips, but they are very muted.

Apparel & Accessories

She does not wear the standard armor of the Knights, instead choosing to wear intricately woven dresses like Lady Naya. Many of her dresses and robes are varying shades of blue, with gold or silver details sewn into the fabric. She also tends to wear a gold necklace and a gold circlet that were heirlooms of her family.

Specialized Equipment

Her equipment is very standard, coming from the armory of the Knights. The most specialized item she has is her reference object, a bracelet that she wears constantly. This item was crafted by Lady Naya as a gift to Syndra and has since been etched with the spells that Syndra knows.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While her personal history is long and twisted, Syndra tends to keep it a secret, often changing the subject if her past comes up in conversation. While most of the Ylyndar children know of her rough childhood, they also do not speak of it. They treat her as a sister and a well-loved family member even though she is adopted. If a person finds out about Syndra's past, they should consider it an honor as it is something she has tried very hard to forget.


In her early years, her mother spent time educating her, taking her to the castle to read books on various topics. When other children of the order would come together for small lessons that were often led by one of the veteran members of the order, she would attend those as well, soaking up whatever knowledge she could get her hands on.   Once she became an orphan, her education stopped for a time as she roamed the streets. This was quickly remedied when she was adopted as Lady Naya insisted that all of her children be well learned, whether they were paladins or not. Often, she studied with Reinys and her younger brother Corym in the library of the castle. When she was taken on as an Apprentice Rune Mage, her regular education morphed from reading books to hands-on learning and teaching with Lady Naya.   Of all the Ylyndar children, Syndra is most likely one of the most well-read, with Corym being the only one that has read as much as her. She is the most educated on magic of any type and her knowledge of weapons is great, although her usage of them is not.


Upon the granting of her apprenticeship, she began working in the enchanting shop owned by Lady Naya. This mainly involved stocking and cleaning when she began, but soon evolved to include creating items as her skills as a rune mage grew. While this was her main job, she was also employed to the Knights of Yggdrasil to help with various training, teaching, and any other things that Lady Naya would also assist with.

Morality & Philosophy

Having grown up so close to those in a paladin order, her sense of morality is very similar to Reinys', but she tends to interject logic into matters where Reinys would blindly follow the tenets of her faith. Syndra believes that most problems can be solved with a cool head and logic, allowing her to make the best choice at the time. She hopes to bring pride to her family in thanks for what they have done for her.

Personality Characteristics


Her greatest motivations lie in her attempt to make her parents proud and to live up to the standards that the Ylyndars have set for her since they have given her so much. She uses this motivation to constantly improve herself and excel in her training with Lady Naya. As most of the Ylyndar children are paladins, Syndra hopes to one day become a master enchantress so she can take over for Lady Naya at some point, like Reinys and her brothers will take over someday for Master Elduin.

Personality Quirks

Her only tick is to spin the bracelet that is her reference object when she speaks. It is an absentminded motion, but the motion keeps her focused on the conversation or problem at hand.


Syndra tends to keep clean as well as making sure her equipment stays clean. She believes that a dirty body and equipment clutters the mind, keeping her from using the arcane arts to their fullest potential. In general, she is a very tidy person, keeping things very organized, much like the spells on her reference object need to be.


Contacts & Relations

Due to her ties to the Ylyndar Clan and the Enchantress, Syndra knows a wide variety of people inside and outside of Yllvalion. Many of her contacts outside of the city are merchants and adventurers that have need of the goods that are produced in the Enchantress' Shop. Inside the city, she knows the majority of the families as she often works with them or sees them nearly every day.

Family Ties

Family is an odd thing for Syndra as she remembers lives with two distinct families. She was a child when her parents died during the Eldritch War, but she does remember the teachings from them that found her aptitude for magic. After her parents' death, she was adopted by the Ylyndar Clan and gained a second, although very different family. She was not nearly as close with the brothers as she was younger in age than Reinys and was not a paladin. Reinys and Syndra became almost like sisters, spending time together when there was a lull in their training.   After over two centuries as part of the Ylyndar Clan, Syndra considers them her real family, but the ghosts of her parents and the memories she has forgotten haunt her. It has caused problems with her training and has often sent her into spans of depression. Even so, Naya and the rest of the Ylyndars treat her no differently, acting as if she is one of their siblings. Those that do not know the family often mistake her as one of the children as she blends into the family.  

An orphan of the Eldritch War, Syndra became the apprentice of the Enchantress Naya Ylyndar after being taken in by the clan. She serves as part of the Knights of Yggdrasil with her friend Reinys Ylyndar.

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Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Apprentice Rune Mage
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
14 Spring's Noon, 70 E.A.
Year of Birth
70 EA 230 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
Green, bright
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
110 lbs
Known Languages
Due to being a rune mage, Syndra is fluent in a variety of languages that she can utilize for her craft. These include Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Draconic, and Celestial. Many of these she studied in great detail in the library of Yllvalion while others, such as Elvish and Sylvan, she was forced to converse in constantly with her mentor.
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Physical Description

Identifying Features
Syndra has small white tattoos on her face, a symbol of her family. These include small wings at the corners of her eyes and three small dots above her eyes. These are a fairly new addition as she waited until she became more adept as a rune mage before honoring her lost family in such a way.
Physical Quirks
She is right-handed, wearing her bracelet on her left wrist so that she can constantly spin it. Her walk is that of a dancer, almost as if her feet never touch the ground. Even so, her gait is long, allowing her to keep up with the Ylyndars even though she is much shorter than the others.
Special Abilities
She is very adept at using a variety of magic, but it takes a large amount of time and resources for her to learn a magnitude of spells. Because of this, she puts almost all her time into this endeavor, hoping that her breadth of knowledge can match the Ylyndar children's great skill if she is needed on the battlefield.

Mental Characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements
One of Syndra's greatest accomplishments was the creation of her first reference object and her first rune that actually held power. These are the greatest possible achievements as an apprentice, so she holds those memories dearly.
Failures & Embarrassments
Her greatest embarrassment is her past and the years she spent as an orphan. She often stole and was unkind just to survive, and her behavior during that time is a large embarrassment. After that point in her life, she tends not to count the failures, as she is beyond grateful for the second chance she was given with the Ylyndars.
Mental Trauma
Mental trauma is something that plagues Syndra constantly. She is tormented by her parents' deaths and the memories of hugging their bodies as they cooled in the snow and beginning her life as an orphan with their blood smeared across her clothes. She tries to ignore the memories and feelings, choosing a more ambivalent attitude towards things like her older brothers often do.
Intellectual Characteristics
Syndra is logical and well-spoken, often picking up the traits of her older siblings. She is well-read, and often falls back on knowledge before her own feelings. In a family of fighters, she fills the role of diplomat during sibling squabbles, much like Lady Naya does.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes
Of the pair, Syndra is the most adept at spellcasting and social encounters. While the more introverted of the two, she handles social encounters better and often makes friends. She is also well versed in spellcasting, something that Reinys does not particularly excel in.   Syndra is very inept when it comes to using the majority of weapons. If she must use a weapon, she tends to use a lance since it is the chosen weapon of the Knights, but her skill with it is lacking.
Likes & Dislikes
Syndra's likes are very similar to Reinys' in that she falls in line with the family. Both have little experience outside the walls of the city, so many of their likes stem from their older brothers and what they have subjected Reinys and Syndra to.   Syndra dislikes very little, except for wasting time. She spends much of her time studying, learning, or with her family, so anything that takes away from that time, she considers a waste.
Virtues & Personality Perks
She is very kind-hearted and willing to help anyone, no matter the issue. She often goes out of her way to assist where needed and she attempts to hold back the tongue lashing that she may want to give those that struggle. Syndra often volunteers her free time to help those in need and wishes to pay forward the wonderful life and assistance that she has been given throughout the centuries.
Vices & Personality Flaws
When Syndra is comfortable with someone, her blatant honesty often gets her into trouble. In instances of teaching or explaining things, she speaks her mind freely, often telling people their problems or their level of intelligence. She is easily bored by helping small-minded or simple-minded people, so her words easily get her into trouble.


Religious Views
As part of the Knights of Yggdrasil, she takes her faith seriously, often joining Reinys and the others in prayer. While not a paladin, she follows the tenets of the faith like the others do, as these dictate many of the values and morals that the Ylyndar Clan has.
Social Aptitude
Syndra is by far more socially adept than Reinys, but she is adept in a different way. Syndra's etiquette and mannerisms are more befitting of a noble or royalty involving the proper techniques no matter who she is speaking with. This does not mean that she is good with people, as she does not have the leadership abilities that Reinys has that makes her adept in social situations.   Of the two, Reinys is more charismatic and confident, but Syndra also has these qualities. She is more of an introvert, keeping to herself unless decorum dictates that she speak and interact. Again, this changes greatly when she is with Reinys as she is more confident and slightly more extroverted when with her friend.
Her demeanor and mannerisms are very reserved and delicate, often very soft in nature. She often keeps her voice level, betraying no emotion as she speaks softly. Her hands are often clasped in front of her when she speaks, but she does tend to spin the bracelet on her wrist absentmindedly when she speaks. Her mannerisms as time has gone on have become more like her mentor, very quiet and delicate, but in some moments can be explosive if necessary. Unless a situation dictates that showing emotion is necessary, Syndra very rarely shows anything more than curiosity or happiness when she speaks.
Hobbies & Pets
As a rune mage, Syndra does not have a standard pet. During her training, Naya summoned a pseudodragon familiar for Syndra to aid her in her learnings. The creature, Kigiria, willfully serves as Syndra's familiar, constantly speaking to her and providing motivation when she needs it most.   While Yldris is not her pet, the wolf treats her and Reinys very similarly, often spending time with both. In times of travel or in need, Yldris responds to both Syndra and Reinys, doing what he can to help both.   Many of her hobbies come from the various tools that she has learned as part of her training as a rune mage. She enjoys practicing calligraphy, jewelry making, and leather tooling, especially if the item she is creating is to be a gift. She could spend countless hours using her crafts to make small trinkets and gifts for her families, personalizing them with various gems and intricate designs, or enchanting them with a small charm.
Syndra speaks quietly, no matter her emotions. She often stays away from the rough language that Reinys uses on occasion thanks to her brothers, but Syndra is much more reserved, preferring softer words and tones over the loud, somewhat obnoxious ones that most of the Ylyndar men use. It that regard, she is more similar to Naya, who has become a mentor, friend, and mother to Syndra.   She is often known for the instances where she uses phrases and sayings that are Naya's, distinctly setting her apart from the rest of the family which often lean towards the words that Elduin uses. Syndra very rarely has harsh things to say about others, keeping insults to a minimum but using compliments liberally. She does not swear, or at least she doesn't in the company of others.   Her speech changes slightly when she is alone or with Reinys. Syndra did pick up some of the Ylyndar tendencies with words but often hides them as she believes such harsh words do not befit those of more elegant spellcasting. Her speech shifts most if she partakes in weapons training with Reinys, although this is a rare occurrence.
Wealth & Financial State
Her family before her parents' death was rather well off. Over the centuries, Syndra has sold many of the possession that remained from her family and stockpiled gold. She does not often spend from this store as she wishes to live and make her way on her own accord, not utilizing wealth that was just given to her. If she does spend this money, she often spends it on learning new spells or for gifts for other people.

Articles under Syndra Amakiir

At the Bottom, Above the Abyss
6 Summer's Morning, 300 E.A.

Calling a place the Lowers when you are already deep within the earth and there are more tunnels and worlds beneath you is something of a misnomer. Maybe the name was one to describe those that called this place home or was a broad term to explain what was beneath the bustling parts of the city. Either way, what we expected was not what greeted us when we safely made it to the Lowers and the home of the Paladins of Dreadfall.   The minotaur's contact was an odd one, speaking in truths that only a lizardfolk could. He gave us more insight into the Order and the tasks they were currently completing, information that was somewhat chilling to hear. Cultists were here and looking for things, a dragon egg had gone missing. Neither of these things bode well, but it was information we needed nonetheless.   Our discussions with the Matron's first daughter seemed to go better, making only enough concessions to get what we needed and skirting around the other issues with the mere mention of Oz himself. A delegation would visit our post at some point, a month from now, and hopefully, our sponsor would join as well. We had secured some level of trade deal as well, one that was more in our favor with items by demand and less one that would involve great travel.   As we retired to the Silver Thread for the evening, the Red Mage's stories gained attention, finally joining us with a man that I had only heard Reinys speak of. The Grand Duelist of the Human Empire had come to learn more about the disappearances of many items and about Ozul, the dragon that had called the area beyond Mithril Mantle his home. The half-elf would join us on our journey the following day as we returned home.   The prospect of going home is a relief. Monitrex in itself has been an adventure, but one I would not so hastily depart on again.

Floating Cities Within the Earth
6 Summer's Morning, 300 E.A.

While our travels to Monitrex were far from uneventful, the visage of the floating city, rising above a great abyss, was enough to make one forget many previous mishaps. A single wrong step could bring you to a neverending fall, one that would end in nothing but unfathomable darkness. When we stepped across the swinging bridge, the only thing that still remained in my mind was the intricate massiveness of the city that we now walked in.   Our time here would be short, not nearly long enough to accomplish everything we needed, but hopefully enough time to secure aid. Our small city needed workers beyond us twelve, and that focus rose far above anything dealing with politics in the city. We made our way to an inn, procuring a room in a Dwarven tavern named the Silver Thread. The deafening roar that came from within better suited the others, but it would be our home for a few days.   There we met the Pickfins, a Dwarven clan of grand craftsmanship. The red mage struck up a contract for miners, my name in ink marking the bottom. But this acquaintance would bring much more than this contract. They needed aid at their forges, and my magic would do just the trick.   After fulfilling my duty, I now await the adamantine bracelet the Dwarf granted as my reward. It will serve me well alongside the one of my own family, but will be much harder to destroy.   Now we travel to the Lowers, to find the Paladins of Tartarus, one of whom knows our bounty hunter. Maybe we will find more to join us in Mithril Mantle, or maybe the floating city will confound us until we answer its matron.

The Sage's Study
4 Summer's Morning, 300 E.A.

Those of us that study great tomes and books that have long been forgotten to the dust of age are often thought of as locked in libraries and ancient crypts, but my first moment to study history and culture since I left Yllvalion so long ago is under the light of an odd gem, my teacher a Drow who's hands are better suited for fighting than for teaching and writing. The banging of hammers and tools against wood and stone echo, leaving very little room in my own mind for the words that I must remember, but remember them I must, for this study could actually be one of the most important of my life.   Twelve of us entered into the Underdark, but only three of us really knew what awaited us. Those three knew more still about the denizens of this place and their lives and cultures that follow paths and patterns that were a far echo from those of the surface. But now after some time, we wish to journey outside of our secluded cavern, to meet those that rule in ways that are nothing like the Elves above. We wish to enter the domain of the Drow, and our numbers quickly diminish when counting those that are equipped to make such a trip.   Miz by far knows the most about them, having lived her entire life in a Drow city until fairly recently. But her family name carries a shadow that we don't wish to let others know of. Her fear of her mother's influence stretching this fair and dragging her home is very close to a reality, and while she would be the best choice, Reinys knows that it can't be done. Smaug and Khalsinn are not truly part of the Drow, although they do know a great deal about them. It seemed better the more that we learned about the Matron Feldara, that a scholar was in order, one without the blatant religious ties that come from the life of a paladin.   So here we sit, Miz telling and teaching about a society much different from that I knew in Yllvalion. Of matrons and women, of third sons and nobility that seemed almost a joke as she spoke of it, but the truth was in her eyes as she spoke of ways that she believed out-dated and out-moded. But none of that mattered. We were heading towards the Drow, and of the Drow I must know.

Further Forward
14 Spring's Evening, 300 E.A.

As we pack to reunite with Reinys, I cannot help but think of the words of her letter. We are going further away from home than ever before, going someplace that I never thought that we would. The Underdark is a dangerous place, but for the next months, it is to be our home. The excitement in her words as they flowed across the page was real, the ink and pen pushed further into the delicate parchment than necessary in her excitement. I wish I could share in that feeling, but as we prepare to leave, I just can't slip into that same mindset.   Lady Naya had said that our journey would not be easy, that there would be danger and difficulties. So far, it had been easy to ignore that advice, but now we stood on the precipice, ready to move further forward towards the darker side of things that I could have ever imagined. But it is too late to turn back and head to the safety of Yllvalion. I swore to Lady Naya that I would stand by my sister, and together we would gather knowledge that could never be learned from the books. My skills had always been meant for the benefit of my siblings, to keep them safe because I could not wield a weapon like their capable hands. If a single small thing I did could save their life, then my apprenticeship would all be worth it.   Reinys' intent for me during this adventure was never to fight. I was a crafter by trade, not a warrior. In her last letter to me, she had spoken of the three other crafters she had found along the way. I had never before anyone other than elven artisans, so this journey would be an experience. A human, a dwarf, and a fairy had joined us, lending us their skills and trades. That is what made me excited and erased some of the fear and doubt. The chance of a real workshop and time to ply my crafts put me on edge, ready to fall off the precipice head long into this journey, but before that, we had to reach Reinys.   Yldris was giddy in his excitement, coiled tight and ready to run. I had to trade my dresses for some of Khalsinn's clothes so that they could tie me to his back, ropes laced across my legs like an intricate harness, just to make sure that he didn't run off without me. He missed Reinys and he knew it was time to return to her. As the moment of departure eases closer, the excitement of the wolf becomes all of ours, Khalsinn and Miz joining in as well. Further forward into the unknown, but at least we go together.

Magic Abounds
15 Spring’s Noon, 300 E.A.

I has been too long since I’ve had the chance to properly write more than scribbled musings on whatever scraps I could find. Since I joined with Reinys, we have traveled far, finally leaving the safety and wealth of Stronghold for the road that would eventually lead us to the Feywild. We have not gotten far yet, only having made it a couple days journey from Stronghold to the small town of Kestel.   Since then, many things have happened. It seems that nefarious things are occurring here and within days of my arrival, I was quickly studying new spells so that Reinys and I could make use of some of them. Through her help, we sent letters to the capital and various others for help with matters that seemed far beyond us. Hopefully it would bring some good, but as of yet, it was still unseen.   It felt good to study again. To be able to learn and etch more runes into the bracelet that Lady Naya had given me. It felt like I was fulfilling a purpose, and that brought joy to my heart. It gives me wonderful feelings to know that Reinys still needs me like she did in our younger days. We relied on each other and as we grew apart, that no longer happened. It has changed us both to be on this adventure and for that I am forever grateful.   I finally got to spend time in the city with the others as Reinys sent me out with them in hopes of strategizing what could happen next. I had hoped she would rest as the long days and the interesting conundrums of this group was wearing her thin, but I knew she would never rest. Instead, I was sent to a party and told to enjoy myself while she continued working.   The party we attended was only possible due to the story telling efforts of our Otterfolk. His story was dark, but it was enough to gain us audience before the lord of the area. The Warforged and the Genasi had other plans for this opportunity, but I wanted to make the most of it.   I stuck with the Otterfolk and the Dragonborn, choosing to utilize my talents to augment the story telling. Narrin also weaved magical effects, which melded with mine flawlessly. The resulting visage was stunning, something I considered my best work outside of enchanting.   Being able to partake in something with the others was an interesting experience but I know understand why Reinys sent me. She tends to pick those who add to the situation as she cannot continue to do everything. She keeps her inner circle close, using the skills of Khalsinn and Miz when she needs someone to babysit the others. More of my time is spent working with her or studying, which suits me well.   With everything going on here in Kestel, I can only pray that the gods keep us safe. It has been out morning ritual for Reinys to say our morning prayers and it has kept us safe. We will continue praying, and keep the strength of the order close to us.

Reinys, and New Friends
27 Spring's Morning, 300 E.A.

A familiar face amongst a new city was a relief, calming the anxiety I had about being so far away from home. Lady Naya had sent me here with a purpose, much like Reinys had been sent with, so I did not wish to disappoint those that had sent us so far and expected so much from us. I had been charged with bringing specific items for Reinys and Yldris from Lady Naya and then essentially following Reinys wherever her travels were to take her. I was excited, but at the same time, it worried me much like the ghosts on the journey did.   After arriving in Stronghold and handing off the gifts, I was thrown into a group of loud and constantly talking people. I spoke little, not quite yet finding my voice in the turmoil of this new experience. Reinys always sent soft smiles of encouragement my way, but I still was very unsure of myself. It was hard to find a voice when everyone here was so opinionated, but I knew it would come shortly. My temper and personality that Reinys knew so well would come to the surface and everyone would wish that I had stayed silent.   It was more fun to observe as the group interviewed various people to join the party. I was meant to follow Reinys so I would be joining the party, no matter what the others thought. I saw the group as a very eclectic mix of crazy and intelligence, making it easy to see why they had voted her as their leader. She was the only level-headed one of the lot, the only one that could save them from themselves if need be.   Until a decision was reached with certain people, it seemed that we would be spending at least a few days with time to ourselves in Stronghold. Reinys put her time towards studies while I put my time towards translations. The academy so close to the city and the breadth of knowledge that was so close to my fingertips here was unfortunately fueled by the amount of gold one had, so translations for others was the only way I could think of to fill my coin pouch a little.   At least my time with this group would not be dull. I hoped that maybe some of the group at least could become friends and comrades, while others I was still weary about. Only time would tell, but I had one goal, to follow the one I considered a sister and help her as much as I could.

19 Winter's Evening, 299 E.A.

The thing about traveling alone is that most often, you find yourself traveling with the ghosts of events and people past. Sometimes those memories are ones you wish to relive, bringing you joy in the darkness of lonesome travel, but most times, the ghosts that hover near as you travel through dark thickets and hazardous ground are the ones you wish to bury, the memories that drag people and memories from graves that should have never been touched once they were laid to rest. But that does not stop them from coming, from draining the happiness, the courage, the nobility from everything. As I left Yllvalion and stepped into the cold winter air outside the gates, the ghosts that haunted me were of people I had no right to forget, but I had slowly begun to as my centuries wore on.   Leaving Yllvalion to meet Reinys in Stronghold was the first time I had left the walls surrounding the city in over two centuries. My master knew why I was weary to leave, but she knew that it was time I faced the ghosts and faced the reality of the visions that haunted me.Lady Naya spoke of how rune mages only had one thing that could protect them. The mind of the rune mage was our greatest weapon, it could not be darkened by ghosts and shadows in far corners. So at her plea, I took the steps outside of the walls, waiting for the ghosts to come to me.   Days passed quietly as I padded through the snow. Once I made it closer to the capital, I could find a mount or some other way to reach Stronghold, but for now, I was alone with Kigiria and the ghosts of my parents. I had not thought of them in years, somehow relegating their memory to the corners of my mind that held visions of the devastation that the Eldritch War had wrought. Their ghosts brought memories of my past, ones that I had hidden and buried when Lady Naya had found me. But the loneliness and the silence brought them back, and the confidence I had in my abilities and myself dwindled.   My parents had died during the war, a bloody battle that had claimed many lives. Father was a paladin, a man of great talents that had stood close to Master Elduin on the battlefield. Mother was a huntress, lending her talents to the battle where needed. Their abilities and early teachings had discovered my aptitude for magic, but their tutelage was short-lived. My parents met their end on a battlefield mere miles from the gates that I had walked out of. I had seen the wreckage, had hugged their bodies as they cooled in the snow. When I left that field with their blood still on my clothes, I was no longer the daughter of a Knight or the daughter of a huntress, I was a lost orphan, and that is how I chose to stay.   I had wandered the streets of Yllvalion aimlessly, for days or years I still do not know. At some point, Lady Naya called my name, leading me from my half existence to a life that would have made my parents proud. But now guilt settled in. Why had I forgotten them so easily? Why had I not followed the lives that my parents had lived? I had survived the cataclysm that happened outside the gates of my home, but had I really survived the ghosts that haunted me?

Cover image: Isekai Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang
Character Portrait image: Syndra Amakiir by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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