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Language of the Devout

A language that is spoken among many learned people but is slightly complex in application due to several parts of the script being redundant and having meaning only through context. Speakers of this language include Clerics, devout Paladins, any that have lives revolving around the gods and the gods themselves. The script for Celestial uses beautiful arcs and letters that have branching connections while the spoken component of the language is sung rather than spoken in order to achieve variations of pitch and meaning and to convey additional meaning in some words. Celestial is considered to be the only language more beautiful than Elvish when spoken.   The earliest appearance of this language is traced back to the existence of the first creatures on Isekai, the Divine Races, as it is known to be the native language of the gods themselves. The Celestial language is said to have inspired most of the known languages of the world because the gods conversed with the Elder Races to some degree and before the event known as the "Great Accord" they were more present among mortals. The gods use this as their preferred language of communication for speech, prayers, and praise, and the script associated with it is used in all manner of holy writings. Because of this, Celestial is a language that Clerics commonly learn for prayers and songs, it would not be uncommon for a Clerics of the forge to adorn their weaponry and armor with the Celestial script. This language is considered commonplace in religious centers, temples regardless of how old or new they are, and artwork depicting most gods.   The advantages of being able to read this language are many because religious texts, rituals, and songs are often recorded in this language. However, the ability to speak the language is often required to learn the true meaning of most texts written in Celestial as singing the words can relay different meanings that rely on a plethora of factors, including pitch, voice tone, emotion, race, and others. While it is a widely known and spoken language it is also considered to be a difficult language to understand and use properly, those that have truly mastered the language may find that visions and answers to their prayers are more easily understood. Demonic beings will at least grimace and some will fly into a complete rage when confronted with the sound or even the appearance of the Celestial script which solidifies it as a holy language.

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I love the idea of the language being sung instead of spoken. I bet it sounds beautiful.

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