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Language of the Sphinxes

The Astral language is considered both rare and mystical, associated with fortune-telling and the fate of mortal life and on occasion prophecies. Speakers of this language are rare but they are generally Sphinxes but the symbols are widely used to express star signs and some Scholars believe that the Astral language has a distant connection to other nature-based languages. The script for Astral uses many circular shapes, sweeping hooks, and delicately placed dots that give it a mystical appearance, and single letters are often used decoratively.   The earliest appearance of this language predates the Elder Races and is found with the emergence of the Divine Races. Sphinxes have some of the longest recorded histories in Isekai and derived their languages from Celestial through their discourses with the gods. The Astral language was never the basis for other languages because of the isolation period that Sphinxes underwent when the Elder Races appeared in the world. They were one of the last civilized races to come into contact with Dwarves, Humans, and Elves so their language did little to influence those civilizations. Because of their solitary and reclusive lifestyle, few races interact with them today so it makes learning their spoken language quite difficult, the few Scholars that have been able to meet and converse with a Sphinx in the Astral language have found they were mistaken with quite a few things. Astral is a difficult language to learn and is usually only taught to royalty or to those that live in close proximity to a Sphinx that is sociable.    The advantages of speaking this language would be that you would be more readily acknowledged by a Sphinx as a creature worthy of conversing with. The written language is particularly useful because it allows the deciphering of some of the most ancient texts in Isekai that have yet to receive a translation to a more modern language. It also allows you to more accurately understand prophecies and warnings of the future that lose some of their meaning when they have been translated into a simpler language. It should also be noted that divination rituals that use the Astral language for their invocations or their runes have a particularly higher success and accuracy rate than those used with other languages.

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I like that the written language is much more useful than the spoken one.

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