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Realm of the Ancients

The gods have a personal realm infused with their power. This planer dimensions is called the Realm of the Ancients by spiritual leaders and by the gods themselves. While no mortal has touched the plane in the past two thousand years, but we have had the pleasure of interviewing two of the manifestations about this realm.


The realm is broken up what the gods refer to as shards of existence which allow the realm to exist outside the natural plane , magical plane, and dead planes. The three planes are able to exist with support of these shards which makes the realm unique. Each god has their own portion of this realm that they build to their own desires. Physics do not apply in the same way in ours and as a result new rules were made by the it's owner. They can be a wasteland with inverted gravity. or a lush wilderness with blue plant life. It almost resembles The Dreamscape in this way, but the Dreamscape does have its limit.

Fauna & Flora

"I used my realm as a place to experiment with new creatures I devised with my magic a long time ago, but now I made a perfect paradise for me to inhabit."
  The life brought to the realm is typically connected to the god associated with the plane it resides on if it is brought there at all. However, the Veryas have been able to infiltrate their sanctuaries on occasion, but tend to leave as soon as they arrive. There is no endemic flora or fauna within their homes because they are only able to take from the Realitiscape . Even though they come from the same place, the creatures tend to grow apart from their original counterparts that could even been seen as a new creature entirely.

Natural Resources

The realm does have two unique resources from the other planes. They have been be extracted from their home and the consequences could be extremely if done so if the proper precautions are not taken.  

Shards of Existence

  Believed to be remains of a destroyed plane, they were found in a time long past forgotten during the initial creation of our world. They allow matter to be manipulated within their influence other wise the matter is turned into ambient energy. This power allows them to create spaces of creation controlled by their possessor. IT is unknown whether the shards use magic or an entirely separate force.  

Collrite Stone

  Naturally occurring mineral within the landscape that is create with the realm. It is a powerful conductor of magic and easily infused with magic. However little else is known about it's properties.

Realm of the Ancient is such a vague name. I would have called it The God Sanctuaries since they were made by the gods and used to protect them more often then not.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
The Ancient Sanctuary
Dimensional plane
Related Myths

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