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The Story of the Stars

This story tells the origins of the sun and the moon and the gods that represent them. The story is as old as time itself and has spread between cultures over the centuries. It is one of the few stories of the past that exist from before the Never Ending Crisis. While the original story has been lost in translation, the current interpretation is believed to mostly be fictitious.


Within the dark night sky, the mother of all of creation wanted to assign her children to watch over the land she create to them. While some of her children were sent to the world below, three were left above to be chosen to watch over the sky. Those there were Lezantarus , Syacanna, and Belthyna. Lezantarus was considered the bravest. Syacanna was considered the most cunning. Belthyna was considered the most honest. Their mother told them that in the sky above was made to help the people below and guide them. Only ones of true courage and inner strength can carry this burden. Thus she created a test of three trials. The first was to find shards of the world below. The second was to find the heart of true love. The lastly stand alone in the darkest abyss. Only then can you ascend to power.   Lezantarus sought a shard within the towns of the world below. When he told them his plight, they asked what he would give in return. He promised to give them the light of protection. Whie the people were unsure, they agreed and gave him his shard. Syacanna sought a shard among her siblings who were in the world below. When she told them her plight, they asked that she share her power with them in exchange for the shard. As cunning as she was, she lied and promised them she would. When Belthyna went to find her shard, she went to the people, but they had already given away their shard. She then went to her siblings, but they too had given their shard away. She didn't know what to do and in her haste she made a fake one in the hope to trick her mother.   In the second trial, Lezantarus found the heart of an admirer from the world below. In exchange for his love, she offer up her heart to him. Syacanna brought two forbidden lovers together, but require that one must give up their heart to allow them to be other. They accepted. Belthyna loved Lezantarus and hope her own heart would be enough for true love.   Finally each went to a place of complete darkness and waited. When mother returned she judged each alone. Lezantarus is a shining bright beacon of hope and love, so she made him the sun in the sky. Syacanna helped allow people to hide and love, so her own personally will light the night sky as the moon. However, she was not pleased with Belthyna would failed the two trails. Belthyna begged for mercy from mother, but it fell to deaf ears. She would be disgraced and never been seen for her hideous accomplishments, so she was shattered into millions of pieces making the starry sky. Lezantarus and Syacanna were furious with had happened and believed it was the other's fault and thus chase on another to exact revenge for the tragedy that happened.

Variations & Mutation

In different variations the roles and accomplishments change in the story. Sometimes Belthyna survives and in others her trial pieces were stolen. In every iteration she does always fail.
I always found it odd that Belthyna was the most honest, yet did nothing honest in the story.
— Archivist Renna
Date of Setting
Beginning of Time
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