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Magno Train

Magno Train is a magically propelled stone carts that are fixed along magically imbued tracks. This technology was adapted from the old Yuigary Empire. This has only been implemented in the city of Aulus (City). Only people with wealth or high society status ride the train due to it's cost.  


  The train was designed by The Imperium Archives from their research into old Yuigary technology. It was built by The Imperium Legions wit their crew on engineers. This was first placed in Aulus as a testing ground for larger expansion across the Imperium, but the resources required are immeasurable. Normally raw magic is unusable by living creatures, but our engineers found a way of infusing it into metals cores to power the trains.  


  With all great projects, there are some to see this as a destruction to society. Magic has detailed in several of our reports are naturally occurring and can be used by a lot of people. However most powerful enchantments are made by using Death magics also referred to as necromancy. Such magic is very frowned upon in nearly all cultures, so the construction of this transportation system is a blight on society.

Power Generation

Raw Magic

Armor and defense

A light arcane barrier shields it from natural dangers
I take this everyday to the archives. It's quick and wonderful way to see the city.
— Archivist Renna
Owning Organization
For one ticket would be one gold
One lead car and five passenger cars with a told length of 366 feet.
~7 feet
30 MPH
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
250 people

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Anna Elizabeth Boyett
5 Jul, 2018 23:50

I totally read the title as "Mango Trai" at first... And was incredibly disappointed that it wasn't either made of mango or transporting them. Still, A+ article :D It's super interesting that enchantments use necromancy :D

6 Jul, 2018 04:10

Lol! Thanks for the feedback!