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Blood Hunger

Blood Hunger is a dangerous magical disease that requires people to consume death magic in order to stay alive. The concept seems odd, but exist anyway. There is currently the cure is death itself, but one could get treatments to deal with the ailment.

Transmission & Vectors

This affliction can be attract by either two ways, either coming in contact with another afflicted person in their feral state, or being exposed to death magic for over an hour.


The body will begin to shiver and profuse sweating will occur. After a day, the body will then begin to ache and the first stage of hunger begins. They will hunger for blood of the recently dead and will kill to accomplish this. Why blood of the recently dead? Well it's the only way to consuming death magic before it fades away from the body. Once they "feed" they will return to the state before the affliction, but only have the symptoms to return a the next day. At first, they have control, but over time they will lose their mind until they become feral. Once that point is reached, there is no going back.


Sadly their is no cure however, doses of strong Solar or Life magic each day it remove the symptoms. Otherwise they have it for life.


As long as they recieve the doses of magic, they can live normal lives, but they must be aware of the danger they pose to the people around them.


This has been seen throughout all of recorded history with a few small epidemics in the smaller cities would proper magicians to deal with it. If this would happen in a village or small town, then the city could easily fall into chaos with everyone perishing.

Very dangerous, but luckily won't happen as along as necromancy stays banned. When it wasn't accidents would happen infecting people with Blood Hunger.
— Archivist Renna
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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