I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.  
— Lewis Carroll

Clifford Stone - Inside the UFO: It's Like Entering an Alternative Reality

Clifford Stone ( 1949 – 2021) has inside information on UFOs because he has been inside them. During his time with the special operations program, there were times Clifford Stone (1944 – 2021) was ordered to enter alien craft. He explains that there was no way to know what to expect. Many times, it was scary. He describes many of the craft he has seen, from the outside, and the inside. He says that within many of them, it is like entering an alternate reality.

Youtube: Biblically Accurate Angels | ANIMATION


I Played the most Insane MMO on the End. [Otherland - Part 1]

Otherland, one of the worst revievwed, worst recieved and downright dissapointing MMO games ever.   It's a buggy, broken mess, with no players, no updates and absolutely no future...   And yet, it's surreal, atmospheric and undeniably, hauntingly beautiful.


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23 Apr, 2022 22:37

the angel animation is cool!! scary, but cool

28 Apr, 2022 07:48

Making the bible interesting again :D

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