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Imaginaerium, Day 12 - It Has Begun!

Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.  
— Chuck Close
  And now, with Summer Camp here, it's time to get to work. Already, there's been a ton of great articles written - and I'm going to be featuring at least one I found particularly amazing in every Imaginaerium going forward!   Even as you get really stuck in, remember to take a break from time to time. Visit us in the Discord if you feel stuck or discouraged! Brainstorm with others who are running aground!  
Support your fellow writers - leave them a comment and a like. It goes a long way to encourage people to keep pushing!
  And remember, this a month long thing. Pace yourself, stay hydrated, and take joy in the art of creation.    

Video Recommendation

  To me, food is one of the most interesting cultural bit to dig into. There's so much around it for world building to dig into - it talks a lot about culture, the environment they find themselves in, class divides and trade. It's a really rich vein to dig for worldbuilding - and here's one video about it!           And as a bonus, lets go in the complete opposite end of the scale and look into some fictional space-booze!            

Music Recommendation


Game Recommendation

  A study in simplicity, One Finger Death Punch 2 is a game with two buttons - that's it. If you want a sort of zen-like experience of martial arts asskickery that's easy to pick up and put down between writing bouts, check it out.         Steam Link: Here   As a bonus, it's quite cheap.    

Today's Summer Camp Article!

  As soon as I saw the prompts, I knew the Celestial Body one in Stormbril's setting of Cathedris would be amazing... And I was right.   He'an is a dead god-husk who hangs in the sky above the world, after being blasted out there to cover up their murder by another god. It is very good, and all of Cathedris is worth a read.  
Geographic Location | Jul 19, 2023

The first of all 14 gods to be killed -- the only one left in space. He'an has remained in stable orbit as the planet's moon for 3000 years, since they were put there by whomever killed them.

Check back in tomorrow for more articles from Summer Camp!

Images to Inspire

by Victoria Rockmetalico
by Katie Alves
by Hasui Kawase
by Cypherwheel
by Yanni Davros


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Jul 7, 2020 15:23

I really love the art-scapes you find. Just the sort of things I need to get goin'.   And the quote is terribly accurate. Can't wait for inspiration. Gotta get after it, even when you don't wanna. <3

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Jul 7, 2020 17:27

Yep - inspiration is just effort, in fancy robes! :D

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