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WorldEmber 2023 Pledge

I, TheDoctor292, pledge to write as much as I can without burning out
— TheDoctor292
  WorldEmber has come again and this is my third time competing in it. I’ve never reached the 10k words minimum but I’ve enjoyed it all the same. I’ll be working on finishing the last story in a series I’ve been working on for a while during December so I’ll have to strike a balance between the two. At least I hope I will.   My focus is going to be the history of this world and its inhabitants which the Spooktober prompts has helped me do. I’m planning on expanding those ideas and fill out stubs that I have scattered around. I’m going to be working on this world since I haven’t gave it attention in a while. I know I said that I have motivation to work on Eceon during the treasured companion challenge but I hope it’ll come back after WorldEmber. I’ve started making global tag containers to help organize my world and have an easier time to see if it’s a stub or not.  

Week 2


  • Disabilities - How they affect people and the ever evolving change in how people view them
  • Being proud of who you are


  • The impact of the Warlord on the entire world which has shifted people’s perspective on disabilities


  • Disability Rights Movement

Week 3

I made a short introduction to my world which definitely needs more work but at least it’s there. I also added some starting articles and a featured articles list which will be expanded upon when I make more articles.

Week 4

Writing Schedule

I have a lot of free time on weekends but on weekdays I have 3pm to 10pm to write but I’m flexible with time so there’s no set time I’ll be setting myself. It’s not something I do and would rather just write when I feel like it whenever that be at 4pm or 9pm.

Writing Space

I already have a good space to write in and I use the same 3 playlists for writing. Which one I use depends on how I’m feeling.


I’’m happy with how my homepage is but if I do think of something to do then I might do it. Could work on my categories to prepare for future articles so I don’t have to worry about creating new ones later.


I may expand this article in the future

Articles to work on

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Nov 4, 2023 22:43

Yes, murdering stiv after stub... And yay for stories!

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Nov 6, 2023 06:53

Love the goal! Let's have all the fun in the world. \o/

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Nov 18, 2023 11:58 by Elspeth

Love this goal and I love the sound of your Meta! The theme sounds really fascinating and what a great inspiration. Have a great WorldEmber! :)

Nov 18, 2023 20:52

Thanks! I hope you have a great WE as well

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