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Disabled Community

The disabled community has faced lots of hardships throughout history. They still face issues today but they continue to push for change throughout the world.  


It was quite a peaceful time and didn’t have to worry much about anything until the [era]. The throne was taken over by a man that’s referred as the Warlord in Kachta Town which was a town that had a lot of power and influence. The new ruler wasn’t a big fan of people that didn’t follow the norm. Decrees were made instantly that restricted the rights of the disabled community and ones that required people to be open about it which some refused. There was a growing distrust against them and people began to tell on another people.   They were getting executed if they were caught lying about it among other stuff which made people more scared of the new ruler and his guards. This lasted for thousands of years with little to no change. They tried to protest against the discrimination but nothing good came out of them.  

Light at the end of the tunnel

Some rulers that wanted to enhance the live of the disabled community got the throne but they never lasted that long and the laws never ended up passing. The year -3383 BC came by and a ruler known as Myshah took over. They were laid back and pushed laws that tried to abolish the old decrees despite them being thrown out. The parliament eventually gave in and the first one passed which was Royal Decree #34. The community gained a bit of hope and confidence in where their future was heading. Over time more decrees and laws have been passed that made the community have more equal rights.


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Shared Values

  • Equal rights
  • Wanting to live a normal life without discrimination

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