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The horses' hooves clop along the stone roads past you as you step toward the centre of the city, the bustling market square ahead with the castle towering over the rest of the city far beyond. The city is a stark white, the ground and walls filling your surroundings in white, save for the fresh greenery of potted trees lining the streets.


60% Human, 30% Elf, 5% Dwarf, 5% Halfling, 3% Gnome, 7% Other (Half orc, Tiefling, etc.)


Rouvray is the home of the Supreme Council of Cleroy and is thus ruled by the Supreme Council and the Emperor Sovereign of Cleroy. The laws and taxation processes are carried out by the Rouvray Enforcers at the behest and orders of the Supreme Council.


Rouvray is a well fortified city with large stone walls and guard towers at every entrance. Every guard tower and entrance is manned 24/10 by the Rouvray Enforcers.


The majority of the trade and industry in Rouvray is artisanal goods and services. Craftspeople construct masterworks and sell their wares throughout the city and many are well known across all of Iklarel for their work.


Rouvray has somewhat sophisticated technologies in terms of machinery and equipment needed for crafting. The roads and bridges are also well built and maintained for ease of travelling for visitors from afar. The sewer system is one of the most well maintained in Aetreas.


The main asset of Rouvray is the Artisanal Guild and the knowledge and resources it has. This has allowed a significant cluster of fine artisans and craftspeople to work in Rouvray and contributing to the Rouvray economy.

Guilds and Factions

Artisanal Guild


The majority of the city buildings are made from a dense white stone found only in Cleroy, the same substance of which the stone roads are made. The style of the buildings reflect a Tuscany style, with brightly coloured wooded doors.


Rouvray sits atop a plateaued area high above the Cleroy harbour. The ground is solid rock with few trees or greenery. This is made up for with potted trees and plants lining the streets and roads and maintained by the Rouvray Public Caretakers. The Chambon Range mountains can be seen in the distance from the city gates.

Inhabitant Demonym
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Haley Cleroy
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