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While a relatively small country, Cleroy has a lot to offer the average adventurer, with rocky mountains, valleys, forests, wetlands, and a long coast, all sorts of adventures could be found just around the corner.



While Cleroy is not an Empire, the tradition of the head of state going by the title of Emperor of Cleroy was established after the fall of the previous empire divided Cleroy, Grech, and Vanimaldine into separate states. Albious Cleroy was elected Queen by the people after her efforts in helping to rebuild the country with its newly established borders. She accepted the role but insisted her title be Emperor Sovereign and set up a supreme council of Cleroy. While titled as sovereign, it is the supreme council that make the majority of the decisions, and the final sign off is done by the Emperor. The Emperor also chooses a successor, rather than the position being one by birthright or election.

Supreme Councillor:
A member of the Supreme Council of Cleroy that makes the decisions on the running of the country. Operates in a similar way to a local council government, but at a state level. Councillors are handpicked by the Emperor for their expertise in various areas of knowledge and skill.

These are the elected rulers of local counties. They serve as long as they are effective until death or forced resignation. Replacements are then elected by the people. These nobles also serve as local representatives to the Supreme Council.

Rulers of individual towns and cities.

Public Agenda

To serve the best interests of its citizens.


Cleroy boasts the best craftsmen in Aetreas, with adventurers, travellers, merchants, and mercenaries alike coming to Rouvray to source the finest mastercrafted works for armour and weaponry.

Demography and Population

2 million
All species and races coexist rather peaceably here. Humans make up most of the population.


Cleroy shares its military forces with Grech.


Most of the prime deities are worshipped openly and respected in Cleroy. Worshippers of the betrayer gods are less open due to the scorn they receive.

Foreign Relations

Cleroy holds close connections with Grech in both borders, military, trade and general foreign relations. While peace has been maintained well over the past century with Chambon, the border between the two countries are fraught with diplomatic tensions out of fear of Chambon taking on an expansionist attempt as it has successfully done in the past.

Cylys eil Ser


  • Map of Cleroy
  • Map of Millfield
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Haley Cleroy
Head of State
Haley Cleroy
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Aetreasan currency, which consists of Laurelins (gold), Telpilins (silver), Tampes (copper), and Mirwaes (platinum) Iklareli currency is also accepted, platinum, gold, silver, and copper pieces.
Legislative Body
The Supreme Council of Cleroy
Judicial Body
Local rulers handle local issues and minor rulings. Where things are more serious, they are sent to the relevant county rulers, and for national and serious rulings, the Emperor themselves makes the ruling and doles out the punishment deemed appropriate.
Parent Organization
Supreme Council of Cleroy
Related Ethnicities

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