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Frontal is the capital of Felion and one of the largest cities on Igniya.
The city was founded on the point where imperial explorers first made landfall, when they discovered the New World. Despite its very young age, Frontal has already grown to a quite respectable size, given the circumstances.


Almost all types of inhabitants of the Empire  are also represented in Frontal. Some more than others and some more willingly than others. Everyone is represented, from the lower to the upper class, as well as all imaginable professions and backgrounds. The resident population is increasing every day with a steady stream of new, unsuspecting settlers.


Frontal is ruled by its Major, who is a democratically elected official and holds absolute authority over most matters within Frontal and its surrounding areas.
Compared to the Empire, many laws are less strict and taxes are far lower.


The city is well secured and protected against attacks. High walls encircle the central districts and ramparts of stone and wood protect the edges. A large cadre of Felion Guards and Imperial Soldies are always ready to face any threats. Heavy siege weapons and protective measures are positioned at strategically important locations.

Industry & Trade

Frontal derives most of its funds from shipping resources, which are gathered on Igniya, back to the Old World.
Frontal is self-sufficient in many regards, due to its fast-growing industry. Only the most complex goods and those that can not be produced from local resources have to be imported.
Much of the produced goods are necessities, like foods, building supplies, clothes and equipment for adventurers, guards and soldiers.


Frontal is well built, for a frontier settlement. Imperial engineers have been working on the city's plans for a long time, and construction work on the first districts has already been completed. Manufacturing facilities for many necessary resources and tools have already been established, along with a large port. Works on a permanent road network have also begun. The city is mainly made of stone and wood, with some important buildings including parts made from metal.


  • The central government district, also called "High Wall" because of its high moors, contains the seat of the Central Colonial Council and the Prospector's Guild. The district is clean, well lit at night and many of the buildings, while not particularly heavily decorated, exude an aura of authority.
  • "The Foundry" refers to the industrial district of the city. Ash and soot hang in the air here and the sounds of busy work always come from the innumerable forges, workshops and manufactories. This place never seems to be still, and the air here smells of coal, metal, and wood. The air here is slightly warmer than the rest of the city.
  • Many merchants set up their shops in "Spicebridge", the main commercial district, where all the smells, tastes and other sensations of both the New World and Old World meet. Multiple small- and medium-sized plazas along with the large bridge, which grants the district its name, are constantly filled with people buying, selling and trading wares.
  • Most of Frontal's residents live in "West Quarter", which is both the largest of the cities districts and houses the main barracks of the Felion Guard. Individual buildings here often house very many people and space is extremely limited, so the district's part of the outer wall is already being removed again, in order to allow for more expansion. Luckily for prospectors and the occasional traveler, this district also houses many inns, which always have space for more patrons.
  • "Dockside" is a large, sprawling set of docks, where many ships are moored. A constant stream of wagons and people comes from and goes towards this place and everywhere one looks sailors can be seen either working, or preparing for their next crossing of the Occidon.
  • "Middleway" has always been the heart of Frontal, starting out as the main road passing through the city from East to West. Despite its, currently, somewhat diminuitive size, this district is quite significant, due to the multitude of highly important institutions (like the Prospector's Guild and Church), which have their headquarters here.


Walls, industry, the latest technological developments are some of the things that keep Frontal alive. Trade and progress are also constant supporters. In Frontal you can find pretty much everything that is legally available and much that is only available illegally.
Despite the animosity some have for the Empire, even they would not deny that its support too has proven vital time and time again.

Guilds and Factions

The largest known factions in Frontal are the Prospector's Guild, the Church of the Golden Dawn and the government of Dominion of Felion, along with the Felion Guard.
There is rumors of smaller groups forming and growing in size, but little is certain in this regard.


Frontal was founded in the place where imperial explorers first made landfall in the New World. Since its founding, Frontal has been growing rapidly, quickly becoming the official capital of the Dominion of Felion.


Frontal's architecture is very much like imperial architecture. Most of the buildings are built from stone, with some wooden parts.


  • Frontal
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107 Ard. Era
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