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Wyrmback Mountains

Igniya's largest mountain range. Located on Ignis (Igniya's western half), these mountains are named after their most numerous inhabitants (at least in the minds of the public, though that matters little all in all).
According to the reports from early attempts of scouting out the Wyrmback Mountains they are extremely dangerous, especially for the inexperienced and unprepared. This does not come at a surprise, considering what we know about similar terrain features in the  Old World. The climate, adverse terrain and creatures living in such places make them exceedingly hostile to even the most hardy of people.
Currently the governments of the  New World have halted most endeavors of exploring these mountains and issued warnings, advising people to stay away from them.


High peaks, deep creeks and crevices and all the typical things expected of a mountain range can be found here (not really surprising, but there is still room for something unforseen). The most stand-out thing of this place is the extensive network of caves, which seems to span the entirety of the mountains.


There is likely little vegetation in such a cold and harsh climate, so it can safely be assumed that most creatures living up there either require very little sustenance, or are primarily carnivores (which probably descend the mountains to hunt for food).


The climate up there is cold and very much inhospitable and due to Igniya's lack of actual seasons that fact does not change, so the place is constantly covered in snow and ice.
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