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Igniya Exploring a new world

108 Arden Era

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"So here are ya' now, freshly off wha'ever vessel ya' came over the ocean with. Chosen a nice place to escape 'yer troubles in the Old World ya' have. Aww c'mon, don't look at like that. We all know that I'm right. Ev'ryone here's got something they're runnin' from, or 'tleast got somethin' they'd rather leave behind on the other side. Oh well, it ain't that important anymore either way. Since you're now here, your best bet is getting signed by the Prospector's Guild. The jobs may vary quite a bit and are probably pretty dangerous, but you won't have to worry 'bout food 'n drink and a place to sleep. They'll pay you just for being signed up. Y'should take some contracts and do work though. The last guy, who tried to just coast by got thrown into the Penal Legion quicker than he could order another beer. Was quite the scene I tell ya'. I advise y' go 'n visit the Job Board soon. And don't forget my humble establishment, when ye' get yer' first pay."   ~ Radek Stelos, owner of the "Drunken Griffin"-Tavern and Inn