War Master Almon

War Master Almon

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the arrival of War Master Almon, the streets of cities in the Conclave of Races were unruly and harsh. Men and women took aggression out on others, the stress of the outside world pushing them to their brink. Almon was raised in this life. After a tragic accident that killed both of his parents, Almon survived. He would soon be on his way to find a magical sword after Anar, God of War and Fire spoke to him in a dream. He would later take on the title of War Master as he rose through the Church of Great Forge. He started with small brawls that were controlled and regulated to ease their stress.   Soon his idea produced better fighters. Within the Church they discussed creating another entity separate from the Church of the Great Forge and yet still in relation with them. They created the Arenas of Anar and the title of War Master to control the Arenas. At first, these fights were only taking place with small groups under existing worshippers of Anar. Almon realized the potential when he saw people spying on the fights. Immediately he went to work transforming the existing arenas to start having seating. He would charge people a small fee to enter just for buying more seating and expanding the arena.   This became so insane to manage that Almon had to start creating new positions within the Arenas to handle the different aspects of the growing business they had. Their money would start to go to the Church of the Great Forge when they starting making money back. It was incredibly successful because people would leave with some energy expelled and wouldn't grow more aggressive. Individuals who were more aggressive and needed to take it out on something or someone, they could join the Arenas as a contestant.   War Master Almon did everything he could to protect the fighters. After all, if they died all of that fighting potential would go to complete waste. There was a no-killing policy, with the exception of animals. The Arenas started to become so big people started calling them Anar Colosseums. Colosseums also started to be rebuilt with sturdier building materials and additional features to keep fights going as often as possible. Many adventurers find their way out of the Colosseums, it's a perfect place to learn how to fight.   War Master Almon became very rich from this arrangement. While the Arenas had their difficulties with the Church of Scuno the reduction in crime gave the Arenas a pass from harassment. These places are safe havens for people to be rude, crude, and violent. With the exception of killing, everything goes in the Arenas. Sometimes after a battle, the crowd will break out into fights over who was victorious. The moment someone is killed, all parties involved are taken to the Church of Scuno by the Authorities of the Arenas.   Unfortunately, the death of a fighter in the arena can happen. That is how War Master Almon died. He was a regular participant in the Arena, to keep his own aggression in check and because he was a fan favorite for the crowds. A weapon Almon was using broke and the attacker impaled him. There were no healers as they tended to warriors fighting for their lives. Very few had been killed in the Arenas, but Almon loved the thrill of weapon combat. After his death, Arenas started to train and keep healers at all times during a fight. The Church of the Great Forge appointed a new War Master, War Master Jorforlug, a student of Almon's. Jorforlug would go on to write a biography of War Master Almon, and collected his teachings in several tomes. These are the Almon Scripts.


War Master Almon was completely self-taught.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Wielder of Odha's Fang First War Master of the Arenas of Anar Creator of the First Colosseum

Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

Almon was skilled in business. Strategically his mind was like no other, even when he had little experience with a blade he could figure out how to defeat someone. He understood the systems of Church. He had great empathy for people, especially those who succumbed to violence.

Morality & Philosophy

A warrior is like a piece of metal. With time, fire, and molding, a warrior can become a weapon. You must give them time to mold into the weapon they are meant to be. Do not throw them away, especially when the damage can be undone, or you risk running into battle without a weapon. Every one of them is unique, changed by the individual strikes of the hammer and the heat of the forge.   Some may not make the shape of a weapon. While not for killing, they are not useless. They become the best tool that their circumstances give them. No piece of metal is worthless because it will always come out as something important.

Sun Elves
11203 L 11584 L 381 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born a farmer boy, found a magical sword, heard the voice of Anar.
Circumstances of Death
Killed in a colosseum battle accident.
Gender Identity
Almon had not bothered to identify himself male, but accepted people assuming male. To Almon, his gender did not matter, only the thrill of combat. If he is misgendered, he does not correct them.
Known Languages
Imperial, Elvish, Dwarvish


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