Itherion Postage


The most important feature of a functioning government is communication. Without a postage service and network the Conclave needed to establish better control over the wide areas they covered.

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Different things are needed for each piece of postage. It must have content that is securely wrapped. Often the sealing is done with wax with a stamp that identifies where it came from. Second is the Recipient's name and city, and the last is postage which can be retrieved from one of the Conclave postage stations.

Legal status

Messengers are not allowed to open packages, a failure for this will result in punishment from the Post Stations. If a seal is broken, the receiver of the postage can report to the Post Stations of a Messenger's misconduct and receive the amount of postage it was.

Historical Details


While postage existed before the formation of the Conclave Postal Stations, it was never a unified effort. Messengers would work directly with a client, give a straight-up fee and directions, and you could hope your message arrived where it was going. The formation of the Postal Station was to hire professional Messengers and create a system where the Messengers never had to go long distances. One messenger would take all of the letters headed toward one town and stop at the next Post Station. The messenger would then return to the original post stations with any messages headed the other way. Messengers were able to have reliable work and a confident system of postage delivery.   It changed the course of history as the Conclave was able to more reliably communicate with other places not within the Conclave. Because the Conclave was expanding through assimilation rather than subjugation, good communication between potential alliances was key.¬†   The network also reduced the amount of time postage could make it to its destination. Because riders are changing every station, they are able to move much faster. Some have put twin messengers that travel back and forth in opposite intervals, its very common on the Gold Road.

Public Reaction

The public took a great liking to it. Business owners were able to more reliably establish supply chains. Families started to spread out more as people could feel closer to home through communication with them. It dramatically increased the number of Adventurers that roamed the continent.
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