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Rea (ray-a)

A language of symbols

Rea is a religious language used only during the ceremony of Mealia. It usually takes the form of a tattoo behind the left ear and identifies one who follows Alixya. Different communities will often favour different forms of Rea and will place greater importance on different symbols. They ae often used to identify which community a Selkie belongs to which can cause confusion for the few selkies that follow another religion. They are often unintentionally outcast from their community as they do not share any meaningful identifier with them.  


The first recorded use of Rea was over 1000 years ago as a primitive form of written communication. At the time, Rea was used to write messages and communicate but it has now become a purely religious language. There are few alive who remember the meanings of any symbols outside of those commonly used and therefore its uses as a written language have become redundant. Every now and then an artefact will be uncovered in which Rea is present but this is uncommon as Selkie history is usually recorded through songs and stories passed down by spoken word.  

Symbols and Their Meanings


by Frod0_baggins

Waves represent the resilience of the followers of Alixya and their ability to weather even the toughest of storms. This symbol has become more prominent in Rea since The Great War as it shows that life goes on and things will always get better.


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Water represents the selkiefolk's intrinsic connection to the sea. It is often the most prominent symbol in a Rea as it serves as a reminder of the one constant in the ever changing life of a Selkie.


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A lesser used Rea symbol often used by selkies who have suffered turbulent times in their lives that Alixya has helped them to overcome. Unlike most Rea, this symbol can be added after Mealia at any point up until death.


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Rocks represent the stability that Alixya gives them in their lives. This symbol is more often seen in the Rea of older selkies as it has more and more become an archaic form and bubbles are more commonly used in its place.


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Bubbles are used to represent the trust placed in Alixya and the safety and security she provides the selkiefolk. This symbol has become more prevalent since the end of The Great War.


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The most uncommon form of Rea, spots are used by the travelling Lorya to signify their separation from the rest of Selkie society. They are unique to the Loyra and it is viewed as culturally insensitive for any other Selkie group to use them.

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Dec 4, 2023 18:03

I read this article in conjunction with Mealia to understand the meaning. Really a very nice idea. Can every selkie only have one of these tattoos or what happens when drastic life experiences occur that might make you reconsider your original tattoo?

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Dec 4, 2023 19:04

Every selkie who chooses to follow Alixya when they turn sixteen will have some form of Rea. Rea represents the story of a selkie's life, so although new elements may be added, none would ever be removed. Thank you so much for reading both the articles. Hope your WorldEmber is going well!