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Destination: Ascension

Written by Endrise

Agh yes, the ropeway. Glorious thing it was, made by asking those Bees to carry a cable all the way to the peak. Bugs would go up and down all day to hear the words of the Ascended, go into big debates about life. Nowadays I'm not even sure if the gears are oiled enough to get it halfway through.
Madame Langeroupe

The Ropeway is the cable lift system used to move from the City of Whispers towards the Ascended Peak, made to simplify the pilgrimage to the mountaintop. During the golden age of Cornerstone, many bugs from the city would go up and down on the lift daily to visit the Ascended Temple. Entire queues stood still all day to try and visit their ruler for the debates they held.

Nowadays the lift is used only once or twice a day, mostly by a devote of the Ascended who still follows their belief. Maintained by Madame Langeroupe doing the repairs and operating of the system, the glory days of constant travel between the peak and the capital are long gone...

The Ascending Lift
Destination: Ascension
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
20 bugs/ride


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