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Foaming Sea

Beneath the Waves

Written by Endrise

It's a beautiful place, filled with coral and all kinds of food swimming around... shame you bugs can't breathe underwater! Haha!
— Crinto

Whereas Cornerstone borders at one side on the barren Wastelands no bug has ever came back from, the other side of the kingdom is protected by the Foaming Sea. A roaring ocean that spans as far as the horizon, with deep blue waters home to a whole other ecosystem unlike seen on land. Some of the inhabitants of Cornerstone were said to even come from beyond these seas, on their own ships for the Ascended's light.

Life beneath the Waves

As good as its citizens know, at least from the Crabs that made their home at the Salty Shore, the Foaming Sea was a gorgeous place. Maybe it still is. Filled with coral reefs of all colours the eye could see, home to an ecosystem that made Cornerstone look small in comparison. What stories have been told describe it as a paradise under the waves...

... at least in broad terms. In reality, it is home to gigantic beasts that eat the wise Crabs as just another meal on the menu. Even they admit that for all its beauty, they prefer the surface over the ocean floor.

Alternative Name(s)
The Crusty Seas
Beyond Cornerstone

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