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Information Broker

Hidden in the shadows, or out in plain sight, information brokers are everywhere in all societies. Their primary objective is obtaining and selling knowledge to the highest bidder. Individuals that follow this profession are very versatile in using their charm and words to earn their money.  
Why yes, it does take an awful long time to truly master the many skills an information broker needs. I started off looking for ways to make extra cash and I naturally stumbled upon this profession that just perfectly fits my personality. It's so amazing to talk with the people, you know that?
— Ashish Ludak

Skillset of a Broker

While it may sound easy to sell information, there is a whole set of skills that an information broker needs to master to become truly successfull. Obtaining information is the hardest part of the job. There are many ways to do so, but most require the broker to be deceptive and stealthy.   One way to obtain sellable knowledge, is to pose as someone from within. They ought to convincingly portray as a member of the organisation, or as the merchant someone was supposed to meet. Using deception, yet sway their target to spill their beans. Those who have mastered stealth can easily eavesdrop a conversation, or even steal documents.   However, the information trading business does pose many risks. Getting caught trying to emblezzle highly confidential knowledge from the wrong person can result in grave consequences. Knowing how to fight and flight is therefore most crucial.  

Never Alone

Most brokers don't fly solo. There is always a network in front and behind. It can support a broker in multiple ways by:
  • Supplying sellable knowledge;
  • Tipping off where interesting information can be found;
  • Providing or having clients that are looking for specific information.
  The size of these networks vary greatly from one broker to another. Some stay small, only having a few clients and one or two helping hands. Others grow enormous, and therefore becoming an entire organisation with social hierarchy and everything.     The network usually consists of people supplying sellable knowledge, if the broker is popular and large enough.
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What happens when I get caught?! I never get caught! Otherwise I wouldn't be here, would I? But how sweet of you to worry about me, dear. Always remember this: one should always have at least two backup plans in case things go south. One is an escape, and the other is having the means to fend of whoever wants to hurt you.
— A laughing Ashish Ludak

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