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No one knows their real identity, yet everyone who is in the information broker business knows who they are: they are the information broker with the largest known network. Even though there is little information on who carries the title of Duskdealer, but a lot can be found about the activities they do and the size of their network.  
The Duskdealer? Of course I heard of them! Everyone says they're a really smart peanut. I mean, it must be, considering they build up this enormous network of brokers doing work for them.
— Ashish Ludak


The main reason why the Duskdealer is able to stay anonymous among their peers, is thanks to the sheer, and almost ridiculously absurd, size of their network. There are many layers of intermediaries between anyone and the person in the shadows, making it easier to keep the mask on and conceal their true identity.   These people in between vary in occupation from brokers, to clients, to mercenaries. All employed by the Duskdealer, they fullfill the roles that they are being paid for. Unbeknownst to them, they all play a part in the reason why the Duskdealer can remain anonymous to everyone.   Some employees are adamant that they are dealing with the true master broker. The stupid ones scream it from the rooftops in hopes of getting recognised, or getting treated differently, or... no one really knows why. It doesn't take long for these people to disappear soon after and being sent to The Realm of Eternal Slumber.   Remaining anonymous in this line of business is of the utmost importance. The Duskdealer handles the most sensitive and confidential pieces of knowledge themselves, and their underlings do the rest. Many governments and organisations have set a price on their head. No one ever delivered, because no one knows who the Duskdealer really is.
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In Effect
Alternative Naming
Master Broker, Duskbroker
Source of Authority
Anonymity and the largest Broker Network
Related Professions
Because no one ever knows who the holder of Duskdealer title is, it is unknown how this title changes as the person behind it comes to pass. As far as known today, there is no record of people who have ever held the infamous top position of the information broker hierarchy.

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1 Sep, 2022 19:15

Interesting title and role. I like that no one knows who exactly is the Duskdealer and if/when the title changes hands

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