Ashish Ludak


Being the most extravagant presence of the entire town, Ashish certainly has made a name for themself. Their obnoxious flamboyancy certainly played a part to becoming the talk of the decade. However, there is one skillset that they possess which still astounds many people visiting and living in Limani.  
Well hello there, you dashing young traveller! I haven't seen you before; you must be new in town! You strike me as the type looking for a quest or an adventure, are you not? I know a couple people that could get you there. Come along!
— Ashish Ludak

The Dashing Informant

While their statue might be small, Ashish makes up for it in character. Their exuberant personality is charming and gives the people around their energy. Surely, their love for exaggeration might put perspectives out of proportion, but not in a malicious way.   Aside from their dazzling nature, Ashish has a particular knack for gathering, obtaining, and selling information. They have eyes and ears everywhere in the city; informants that work for them and bring them up to speed on everything that is going on in the city. Any information you need, they will either have it or will get it for you.  
Of course, darling. I can get you the whereabouts of the treasured Boara Relic. However, such sensitive information... that'll cost you a pretty penny. Are you up for that?
— Ashish

A Meticulous Strategist

Not much of Ashish's history from before their arrival in Limani is widely known. People believe that they came here after they ran away from their pilgrimage. Just before they arrived, they were a young and fagile person who quickly learned about the brutality of the outside world. Confronted with these unspeakable events, they have vowed to do everything in their power to bring a little justice by using their knowledge of information trade. Ever since, they have made a name for themself and have become the main information broker in the region.   How Ashish is able to obtain all this information as easily as they seem to do, remains a mystery for most people in town. Many citizens are aware that they have many informants scattered through the town and the surrounding regions. However, according to popular belief it is their bubbly personality allows them to put an irresistable charm on anyone. Charmed, these individuals likely give away the information for free which means profit for Ashish.
Table of Contents
Current Status
Excitedly greeting new adventures at the port
Current Location
Current Residence
Lively and dark amber
Long and black, often braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Surprisingly pale
0.9m (3ft)
16kg (35lbs)

Cover image: Hesli Banner by ShadowPhoenix
Character Portrait image: Ashish Ludak by Lesseras


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