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The smallest species currently known to Hesli are the Gnomes. These tiny creatures are the heart of technological innovation and advancement of all known races. Their wittiness and humour makes it impossible to hate them upon first sight. Gnomes are incredibly proficient in hiding their true emotions and intentions. Therefore, do not always be fooled by their looks and personality, because some carry a dark past.  

Basic Information


Gnomes are tiny creatures that belong to the humanoid family. Small in statue, their arms and legs are accordingly small. However, these gnomes have one secret: their lung capacity is enourmous. They are capable to swimming fairly long distances under water, only coming up for air once every 200 meters.

Growth Rate & Stages

Of their 300 year life span, gnomes grow fairly slowly. In the first 10 years, the basic functions of the body develop. Think the arms, legs, and primary organs. The body is still fragile at this stage and doesn't have much strength yet.   That's what develops in the next phase of 10 years. Muscles strengthen, as does the heart, and some of the primary organs develop further into a more advanced stage. During these days, the body establishes the first secundary organs.   In the last phase of 10 years, these sedundary organs grow into the final version. Also the tertiary organs develop to its full capacity in this period. It is during this phase, that their water capabilities come to fruition.

Ecology and Habitats

Gnomes used to thrive in the waters and oceans of Hesli. However, for some reason lost to history, they have moved onto land and made it their home. They prefer the hilly grasslands with many rivers and small bodies of water. Tending to the fish and small animals is what they like best, and their habitat allows them to do so. They do not care about conquering the mountains, as they feel like they can get squished by a boulder at any moment.  

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gnomes have no special dietary needs or habits. They eat what they can get. They hunt fish and land critters and supplement it with green that they like to grow themselves on their tiny farms.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The size of the gnomes make up for their intelligence. They are highly intelligent creatures that look into creating new inventions to help them tackle everyday things. Their specialty is technology as they love to tinker with gears and sprockets. Nowadays, they also create machines that help the dwarves in their mining operations, and traders in transporting goods.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gnomes used to be right at home in the waters, and therefore their eyesight is capable of identifying many objects in the depths of the lakes and oceans. They can use this ability in caves and mountains, seeing as if things were in dim light instead of pit darkness.
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Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
300 years
Average Height
Male: 1.0 - 1.2m (3'3" - 4'0")
Female: 0.85 - 1.05m (2'9" - 3'5")
Average Weight
Male: 17 - 22kg (37.5 - 48.5lbs)
Female: 15 - 19kg (33.1 - 41.9lbs)
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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