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Kresla - Land of the Shattered Rose

Once the home of one of the largest city in the world, Kresla is now a land of scattered kingdoms and lost ruins. As the largest continent on Ior, it also has the highest population. Though far from the empires which once dominated the world the kingdoms here have flourished.   It is not a land free of conflict, however, and the vile shadow of a vicious warlord has risen, threatening to engulf the continent.  
The largest continent on Ior.


Kresla is the brightest, most faceted jewel in Eanna's crown.
— Laithenal, Balonnorian Bard
  Kresla is the largest continent on Ior, but this has only been the case since the Fall. The forces of that cataclysm helped to force several smaller landmasses together, forming what is now Kresla. This titanic force created several mountainous regions and three sizable saltwater lakes. Four smaller nearby landmasses tend to consider themselves as part of Kresla, though they each govern themselves.   The prevailing kingdoms or territories of Kresla are Balonnor, Narvik, Daggenfell, Kolyama, Etruria, and Fjollum. Between these are unsettled wilderness, independent territories, and disputed territories.   The majority of Kresla is dominated by forests, hills, and mountains. Around the saltwater lakes, the lands tend towards moors and marshes. The eastern coast of the main landmass gives way to rolling grass plains where much of the continent's grain is grown in golden fields.   Fjollum is dominated by black pine and redwood forests with the northernmost regions primarily open tundra and craggy mountains. Etruria, by contrast, is a warmer and more humid climate with verdant volcanic plains and valleys, and soaring peaks interspersed with long-dead volcanos.   The borders between the kingdoms on the main island are heavily disputed, especially in the "Border Lands" like the Silver Mist Hills. Patrolling and governing these regions is difficult in the best of circumstances, and deadly at worst. So many of these territories have declared independence and the primary kingdoms have only the most tenuous of claims on them.

Fauna & Flora

The life found on Kresla varies widely, from the megafauna of the Fjollumian tundra to the intricate coral structures of the Baikal shallows.   The creatures one would expect, horses, cattle, sheep, and such, are numerous in the populated areas. In the wilds, however, there are many creatures one would not expect. Sightings of manticores, winged horses, and even dragons are whispered of in taverns by muddy farmers. Some of these creatures are pure rumor, but others are not.
4,563,029 sq mi
Population Density
12.3/sq mi
6 Sovreign States 4 States with limited recognition
Largest Cities
Balonnor, Arnarholt, Beretros
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