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Rich in ore, stone, and other natural resources, the area of Balonnor has always been ripe for conflict. For a thousand years, the nobles and their micro-kingdoms waged ceaseless war over the mines, woods, and waters of the region. Each lord was a king, or so they believed until the Balonnors came from across the sea.   The Balonnor family was powerful and brought with them armies far beyond what any minor lord could muster. They swept through the land like an angry storm, and from the ruins, they established the kingdom that rules to this day. Many generations passed as the Balonnors built cities, trade, and a reputation for fair but unyielding rule. Until the day that the last great Balonnor died leaving no heirs. The kingdom suffered through a long reign of unfit kings who ruled with cruelty and greed. They stripped the peasantry of their rights and tried to forcefully annex the surrounding areas. When they tried to take the Silver Mist Hills, they were rebuffed by an army of elves, their invasion forces stopped dead.   Eventually, a righteous king took the throne, and he was fair and just. He established a code of rights for the people and laws that ensured those rights could never be taken away again. He was a king of the people and his wife, from the Aiza family, was beloved by all. Together they brought honor and wealth to Balonnor. When their daughter took the throne, she continued the trend as the People's Queen.   Peace ruled the region for many years until a new invading force arrived from an unknown land. Thousands were lost, cities were destroyed, and the queen's army was caught in a box canyon. With no way out but forward through the invading army, the men faltered Queen Livia, well into her fifties, hefted the banner and charged forth, her steed cut from under her. The men thought her lost, but then her banner was raised again. In shame of their fear, the army charged out with her and though many were lost, they survived and pushed the invading forces back to the sea, the enemy slaughtered to the man.   The Council of Lords ruled that Balonnor would be led by Queens from then on. Her daughters and granddaughters led the kingdom for many generations. They gained the reputation of fury and boldness but also of wildness. The Queen who rules now has disappeared while on a diplomatic mission in the east. Her daughter has assumed the throne despite the local Lords and the Council being against it. This has split the kingdom, half the lords and peasants in support of Isabella Aiza while the other half still believe her mother to be alive and think she has not followed the rule of succession.


Noble Ranks

These ranks, from lowest to highest in power, are the ruling classes of Balonnor  Knights - Anyone can be a knight, but every knight must first spend four years as a hedge knight, then they can become a knight of the realm and can join a noble family.   Knight Master - can command 30 knights   Lord/Lady   Baron/ess   Altgrave (old families predating the Balonnorian ranks)   Burgrave (castle count)   Count   Margrave (Marquee - border count)   Count(ess) Palatine   Duke/Duchess   Grand Prince(ss)   Grand Duke/Duchess   Archduke/Archduchess   Elector Prince(ss)   Queen

Furious in War, Righteous in Peace

Founding Date
632 AF
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Land of the Lioness
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Weapons, textiles, pottery, stone, ore, furs, luxuries, wine
Major Imports
Food, furs, spices, ore, luxuries, wood
Official State Religion


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