The Barony of Auldholme is one of the very few settlements of Taldor in the Verduran Forest

Famous for its waystation of the The Sellen Passage and the fine cuisine of its Inn the Shady Branch, Auldholme is an island of civilization in the midst of the untamed forest.

Current state

Due to the assumed insanity of the last Baron of the previous owner, Castle In Silva stands at the very edge of the water as the northernmost bulwark of defense for Taldor from pirates, invasion from the northern countries and Andoran in the west. For the last 3 years the castle is a derelict with no inhabitants, no guard and potentially overrun by creatures. Because of the same reason, the men-at-arms and mariners of the Barony left unruled and unpaid also abandoned their post 3 months ago. H.G.P Gozreh's Might the warship of the barony is currently considered decommissioned and it is only staying afloat due to the efforts of Heggena Minebow


For its very small population of about 260 people within the village center and around another 100 Taldans living in the surrounding farms and logging camps, Auldholme is quite a diverse settlement. It hosts two families of Elves, two families of Dwarves, one Family of Halflings and one family of Orcs and Half-orcs all living together in peace.

In Desnus, 4721 the Nahra Kobold Tribe 180 Kobolds and 100 Veteran Taldan soldiers were added to the population of the Town


Because of its location Auldholme always had a very particular way of managing itself. The settlement is managed by an elected Tribune, selected once every 10 years from the families of Auldholme. But, Auldholme and the Auldholme Keep is owned by the "Baron and Baronet of Auldholme" which is a peculiar council of Nobles that was formed during the year 4430 AR as a way to reconcile the free and independent spirit of the people with the empirial nobility rule over the lands.   The Baron and Baronets of Auldholme used to comprise of all the first five adult male children of the previous council. If for some reason the number of the council is below two people, the people, can elect a temporary non-inheritable Baronet. This baronet will remain a member of the council for life or until the council can once again have above two noble members. With the ascension of Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian to the throne and the changes to the imperial inheritance laws to absolute agnatic, the five inheritors can be male or female with non of the two taking any precedence.


Castle In Silva


Abandoned outposts network


Industry & Trade

Minebow Shipyard

Auldholme's very first use was as a dock to resupply and repair ships coming from the North and heading into the Inner Sea. Auldholme has long now established a reputation for making sure that the ships that come into its docks always come out sturdier and ready for a long journey. The shipyard is owned and run by the Minebow famliy for over 200 years now. The current family leader, Heggena Minebow is considering the expansion of the shipyard by constructing a drydock that will allow the construction of much bigger ships. The drydock is a topic of contention between her and Durothil.  

Shady Branch Inn

The Shady Branch is the heart of all tourism in Auldholme. Mariners from all over the and the Inner Sea, the River Kingdoms, Brevoy and Numeria pass by its large Blackwood carved gates. The Inn is run by Corbus Silentfoot who is also the kindhearted Tribune of Auldholme  

Torag's Gauntlet

Owned and run by Rukdrik Whitgranite, Torag's Gaunlet is one of the best dwarven armor and weapon smithies outside of the Five Kings Mountains. The self-exiled Rukdrik imports the best iron, Coldiron, and Adamantine. The workshop specilizes into creating armour and weapon for the Nobility of Taldor and the knights of Andoran and Kortos.  

Risnart's Emporium

Risnart Froskon is known for her family's WIldberries Jam recipe which is an all time favourite across the Inner Sea but her love and passion is collecting and experimenting with the herbs of the forest and creating some of the most effective salves for back pain, headackes and closing wounds in Taldor. The emporium is also the only place known to supply Leretus mushrooms throughout the inner sea.  

Bouldergrip & Sons

Is the youngest of Auldholme's businesses and currently one of the most profitable. Taldur Bouldergrip is a professional hunter, skinner and cook who, with his sons create some of the best dried meats in the whole of the Inner Sea.  

Durothil's Hut

Durothil Leothana was sent to Auldholme by the Druids of the forest as a protector of the area and he holds himself responsible for finding the balance between the needs of the fledling town and the forest. Durothil is also a master carpenter and uses the fine woods of the forest to create a small amount of masterwork bows that occassionally sells in order to supplement his wages.  

Oak Leaves Market

Most of the businesses and farms around in Auldholme have a stall in the market. The market is open every day apart from Sunday and allows both locals and visitors to buy goods manufactured in Auldholme. a small portion of the stalls is offered to travelling merchants that bring their goods every Starday to seel in the open market. All sales in the Market are taxed by the 13nth and owed to the local nobility.  

Wheel by-the-water

The mill in Auldholme is owned by Augustus Thindleball. The mill processed grain, barley and nuts gathered from the local farms and foragers.  

Fishing boats

Auldholme might be heavily restricted on the ways they can exploit the forest but the Sellen River is brimming with fish of all kinds and provides a stable source of food for Auldholme and allows its fishermen to farm and sell good quality salmon in Taldor. Disputes over fishing rights with the fishermen of Andoran are quite a common issue for the industry and in some cases became the source of some very heated arguments and fish-fights over fishing rights.  

Satelite Holdings

Auldholme is supplied with grain, vegetables and wood from 3 farms and 2 lumberyards within a 10 mile radius from the Keep. One of the lumberyards is owned by the Minebow family while the other is a cooperative between Shu Liunle and one of the local farmer families. The farms around Auldholme produce, grain during spring and summer, barlery in autumn and house domesticated boars and a small number of milk cows.  


in order of annual cost


In order of annual profits
Small sailing ships & boats
Wildberries Jam
Wild Boar dried meats
Leretus Dried Mushrooms
Medicinal Salves,
Dwarven Weapons and Tools
Elven Longbows


Established in 3732 AR by Anatheus the Lonely, Oldeholme existed in the Veruran longer than any other settlement in the heart of the forest. In the Treaty of the Wildwood Auldholme is recognised under a special paragraph as an independent territory with "autonomous preservation rights" Which means that as long as the holders of the Barony make sure that the surrounding forest is protected and treated by the "Holme Protector", the Barony can log, hunt and gather resources from the forest.   Auldholme is a Barony under the Country of Dragonfen in the Duchy of Arenway, which have no other settlements apart from Auldholme. Traditionally the Duchy of Arenway was given as a gift to the firstborn princesses of Taldor to consider them "Landed" but with no other settlements in the Duchy, and no chance of one existing, and the fact that the Barony is autonomous in effect this was nothing more than a token title.


Auldholme doesn't get much tourism but its Inn the "Shady Branch" is a must go location for mariners across the Shining Kingdoms. It's best know for it's Wildboard and Mushrooms delicacies and their own-made Purple wildeberries jam which they bottle and export throughout Taldor and Andoran.   On occassion Auldholme is also known to host the "Princesses Ball" a biannual event where the Princess of Taldor invites princesses and influencial ladies from all across the Inner Sea to socialise and celebrate the coming of Spring.
Auldholme and Surrounding Forest
Founding Date
3732 AR
636 Citizens
  • 412 Humans
  • 180 Kobolds
  • 14 Dwarves
  • 12 Halfings
  • 10 Orcs
  • 8 Elves
  • Inhabitant Demonym
    Location under
    Included Locations
    Ruling/Owning Rank
    Owning Organization
    Characters in Location

    Feudal Contract

    Barony March
    Equal-rights Barony Council
    Right to Market
    Right to Plunter
    13nth Right to Customs (Wood, Metals, Weapons)
    March Obligations
    In breach of obligations
    Whole year local service for
    1 Keep
    1 Ship of the Line
    2 Barges
    2 Barons with retinue
    120 Mariners
    60 Men-at-arms

    Military Strength

    2 Barons,No retinue
    2 River Barges, Operational
    1 Keep Undermanned
    1 Ship-of-the-line
    220 Men-at-arms / Mariners (120 Kobolds, 100 Kellid Veterans)
    20 Sailors

    Important People

    Erendil In Silva, Seneschal of Auldholm, Elf (M)
    Iski Nahra, Steward of Auldholm, Kobold (F)
    Sven Gloryforge Marshal of Auldhold, Taldan (M)
    Siedra Silentfoot Harbormaster of Auldholme, Halfing (F)
    Corbus Silentfoot, Innkeeper of the "Shady Branch" and Tribune of Auldholme, Halfling (M)
      Rukdrik Whitgranite, Blacksmith, Dwarf (M)
    Heggena Minebow, Shipwright, Orc (F)
    Risnart Froskon, Herbalist, Kellid (M)
    Taldur Bouldergrip, Hunter, Kellid (M)
    Shu Liunle, Ranger, Tian (F)
      Lady Nulni Stavian, Occupient of Stavian Manor, Kellid (F)
    Durothil Leothana, Holme Protector, Elf (M)
    For more information check out the Pathfinder 2e SRD

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