Xemne In Silva

Baroness Xemne In Silva Family

A young champion ready for adventure in Taldor

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Session 16: To Kyonin?

Cacophony of dreams:
  • salient point is - thank you for reaching out. We have been monitoring the Verduran forest situtaion for some time since the accord was not renewed. We're happ to know there's a member of the order onsite = there are some points to be discussed...
  • Divergeance:
  • we'll send help
  • we need to find out what's gonna happen
  • keep us appraised
  • Master Nicola Ivor (m) - said -I'll make sure you have the help you need as soon as possible.
  •   Our council:
  • us and Errandir
  • Sven
  • Iski
  • WHitegranite
  • Corbus
  • Hegenna
  • Jonas has our ship.   =========# Packing list:
  • tapestry
  • Elven trinkets
  •   ======
  • We have to wiat for Errandir's replacement, and for the ship to return
  • Doentime:
  • Sunday - I rest
  • Monday - I check out the battlements and help out
  • I would like to find some books in the libary which might look interest
  • Robert Insilva was an ancestor of mine who went to the last wall (
  • ====Joonas returns with a good crew of soldiers and sialors n 80 sailors (all of whom are ex soldiers) 300 new citizens - they were supposed to leave from Oppara and go to the sound at the edge of Garunda, but since our offer was cloder vand better, the My bro (Elias In Silva) and his wife and 4 kids 7 trained scribes from the academy (plus families)   ====== Three more days pass   We set off on the boat. Everything is going well, I'm learnin sailing. And then. the fire nationa attacks.

    Session 15 - In the Manor

    Alchamists room Necromantic tome   Staff of necromancy
  • (Grim Tendrils and Vampiric Touch (4th level)
  • blindness and vampiric touch 3rd level
  • Deafness and gentle repose 2nd level
  • Grim tendrils and ray of enfeeblement 1st level
  • Chill touch as a cantrip
  •   16 misc potions
  • 1x potion healing minor
  • 1x epeditious retreat
  • 2x waterbreathing
  • 1x healing (lesser)
  • 1x barkskin
  • 3x invisibility
  • 3x truth potions
  • 5x healing (moderate)
  • 1x serum sex shift
  •   Nukni's room Magical diadem Reforged Greater pendant of the occult + https://2e.aonprd.com/Equipment.aspx?ID=450   1 magic dagger Dagger of venom   1 magic robe Magic cape of resilience +1   Rest of house 1 magic statue - abduration magic: (wards and protections) - conjuration magic. ======================= I sent this to 10 high ups in my order in my Monestary.   Dear esteemed elders, I am Countess Xemne da Silva, of the order of Iomedae., out of the monestary of Golsifa. We believe Ozandrah the Marilith has been summoned here in Auldholme. Her current location and plans are unknown, but believe she's in the verduran forest north of the village at least 1km away. The forest is crawling with Fae and demons who she may recruit. Settlement is partially defended by walls, manned by non-specialised army and militia. Please send information, advice, assistance, whatever is appropriate. Yours faithfully, Xemne  
  • the leader of my order
  • my mentor
  • 000000
  • Kobold funeral - observe the religious ceremony. ============

    Session 1: The Letter Arrives
    30th Gozran, 4721

    Born and raised in Oppara, I turned my back on all I knew, and headed South to train in the monastery of Iomedae in Golsifar, a small town in Taldor on the inner sea. It’s a prefectural capital, and a southern staging point fo the Taldan navy and has strong military leanings.   Today I received a letter, bedecked with the royal seal. “My beloved uncle,” Baron Lambert In Silva is dead, not that I know the man.   Called to the offices of Arronar Arrasis in the Seven Touwers district in Oppara. We should arrive at the 5th of Desnus, 4721.  


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