Eutropia Stavian

Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian is the only living child of the Grand Prince of Taldor, Stavian III. She resides in Oppara.   A strong-willed woman, Princess Eutropia inherited the throne upon the death of her father. During the War of the Crown Eutropia, detrhoned her father, changed the laws of Taldor from Agnatic to Absolute cognatic primogeniture and now rules over the Empire of Taldor   Eutropia has grown disgusted with the stagnation of Taldor and since her ascension to the throne of the Empire is taking steps to modernize Taldor, clear corruption and help the people of Taldor to stand tall and strong.   This made her extremely popular witht he populace but also made her an immense amount of enemies within the aristrocracy of the empire
Current Location
Year of Birth
4679 AR 42 Years old
Biological Sex


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