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OrrnĀ is a k'thir who believes he is born from the blood of the mad god Tharzduun. Orrn wants to free Tharzduun and thinks they will do so for two reasons:  
  1. They are brilliant and cunning strategists.
  2. They are immortal and have all the time in the world to plan Tharzduun's liberation.
Orrn discovered the drow Lasdolon after receiving guidance from Tharzduun. The mad god told Orrn that Lasdolon was his herald and Orrn was to offer assistance in any way possible. Orrn agreed but found it strange that it was a drow and not one of Tharzduun's children that had been selected to be the true herald of Tharzduun. While not prone to emotion, Orrn felt a disturbing sensation inside him - jealousy, if one had to put a name to it. Still, Orrn would do as instructed.   After Lasdolon's fall at the Throne of Tharzduun, Orrn entered the throneroom and reclaimed the two damaged artifacts that had led to Lasdolon's fall - the Eye of the Abyss and the Claw of Tharzduun. The Claw was only a hilt, and the Eye was a scorched orb filled with ash. Orrn knew they would do something with these items, eventually. After all, he had nothing but time to come up with a plan.   Orrn was first encountered by the Guardians of Golarion during their invasion of the Darklands in Episode 70 of the Second Darkness campaign.