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Claw of Tharzduun

  The Claw of Tharzduun was first given to an antipaladin of Groetus named Araxtus thousands of years ago. However, Groetus did not appreciate his paladin wielding a weapon of a rival god of entropy, so he cursed his champion until he purged himself of the blade. With much blood and magic, Garaxtus managed to corrupt the Claw so it would no longer be of a benefit to Tharzduun. In fact, it would have the opposite effect. It would take power away from Tharzduun. If the blade became aware of the Eye of the Abyss, it would attempt to destroy it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Claw of Tharzduun is a +3 anarchic vicious bastard sword.
  • An anarchic weapon is infused with the power of chaos. It makes the weapon chaotically aligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against all creatures of lawful alignment. It bestows one permanent negative level on any lawful creature attempting to wield it. The negative level remains as long as the weapon is in hand and disappears when the weapon is no longer wielded. This negative level cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded.
  • When a vicious weapon strikes an opponent, it creates a flash of disruptive energy that resonates between the opponent and the wielder. This energy deals an extra 2d6 points of damage to the opponent and 1d6 points of damage to the wielder.


After centuries, the blade was discovered by a cleric of Iomedae named Telith Nordhof. Telith used the blade in battle against the drow lord Lasdolon who had the Eye of the Abyss. Telith struck the eye, destroying both the blade and the crystal.
Item type
Weapon, Melee