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Eye of the Abyss

  The Eye of the Abyss is a dark green gem once worn by Tharzduun, formerly Ihys, to replace the eye taken by Asmodeus. Somehow the Eye escaped Tharzduun's prison and emerged in the Material Plane. It has drawn the attention of many powerful creatures (dragons, liches) likes moths to a flame. The magic involved was intoxicating for many of these creatures, but in the end, the Eye of the Abyss corrupted and broke them.   Recently, the eye was obtained by Lasdolon who tried to use to free Tharzduun. The eye was struck with the Claw of Tharzduun, destroying both items. The remains of the eye and the claw were gathered up by the mind flayer Orrn.   There are myths and legends regarding the powers of the eye. It gave the wearer Truesight and twisted perception of others which gave the eye's user an Alter Self ability. The eye was able to maintain its connection to Tharzduun, allowing the Dark God to absorb souls into the eye. Lasdolon was able to demonstrate an ability similar to the spell Implosion.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder
The eye is approximately 1 inch wide, 1 inch deep and 0.9 inches tall.