Episode 70

General Summary

  • Rooker Shango performed divine scrying, hoping to find the guardian of the next ward, the glyph of watching. It revealed what appeared to be a member of the ancient K'thir, or Mind Flayer.
  • Traveled to the expansive mudflats of Rotstone Hollows.
  • Found three towers that had sunk into the mud.
  • Discovered a clan of charda named the Unblinking Scales, led by a shaman named Klirikit.
  • Klirikit explained that Lasdolon and his drow arrived and told the Unblinking Scales that he would be placing his focus glyph in their home. When they protested, Lasdolon killed half their clan without sustaining any losses on his side.
  • Lasdolon placed the glyph in their hatchery, and left one of his “allies” behind, a k’thir mindflayer named Orrn, to protect it. Klirikit asked the group to rescue their eggs in the hatchery.
  • In the Hatchery, the party found that Orrn had either enslaved or eaten the brains of the “backup” that Lasdolon sent to help Orrn to guard the glyph.
  • Orrn told the party that the k’thir were born from the blood of Tharzduun and were immortal, saying they were “forever.” Orrn was not thrilled to be working with Lasdolon.
  • He told them that if they handed over the Claw of Tharzduun, he would let them approach the glyph without any blood being shed. He “accidentally” let it slip that they would have to use the sword to attack the Eye of the Abyss.
  • The Guardians attacked Orrn’s minions while Reh and Phaeriel worked on the glyph. Orrn was injured by Hugo and quickly Plane Shifted away.
  • The glyph was deactivated and a spiral of energy discharged, flying toward the Bloodforge.

Missions/Quests Completed

  1. Saved the eggs of the Unblinking Scales, preserving their future.
  2. Deactivated three of the focus glyphs.
  3. Discovered that the Claw of Tharzduun must strike the Eye of the Abyss to potentially destroy it. What happens when an ancient artifact, possibly two, is destroyed is unknown.
  4. Doomsday Score: 5

Character(s) interacted with

  1. Klirikit, a shaman and leader of the Unblinking Scales.
  2. Orrn, a k'thir born of Tharzduun's blood, seemed to have no desire to assist Lasdolon.
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
11 Aug 2020
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