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Episode 72

General Summary

by Paizo

  • After a night of rest, the Guardians of Golarion woke up to the sound of pecking on the glass of their magically secured shelter. Ganmeed the hawk, pet of their ally Kwava, sat on the window sill. There was a small rolled-up note attached to its leg, bound by a ribbon with butterflies drawn on it. The writing was in Common, scribbled as if the note had been written in poor lighting conditions.
  • "The drow are advancing on you. The Ashen Order and I will distract them and lead them away, so that you can stop the madman's ritual. It is time for each of us to fulfill our destiny. You will be the Guardians of Golarion. I will be the light in the darkness. May the spirits smile on you, Brothers and Sisters. Kwava."
  • The party quickly prepared to leave. Spells were memorized, prayers were had. Reh placed her pyramoid back in the chest of the Azlanti construct, giving life to Chakos once again. 
  • A light shot up into the sky some distance from them like a flare. Not sure how far. Miles maybe? Soon after, the sky lit up like a sun as a large fireball exploded overhead. The light revealed dozens of drow riding dire bats, all now heading to the source of the light. The Guardians took the hint and Rooker cast wind walk to hasten their escape.
  • Three hours later, the party’s cloudy form quickly drifted over a small island in the middle of the giant lake of black blood. The locals to the Land of Black Blood, or anyone at all who knew the area, called the island the Throne of the Abyss. The Guardians knew it by a different name – The Throne of Tharzduun.
  • A compound filled with the drow, driders, and a few demons guarded a two-mile causeway. The party was able to drift over it, not wanting to waste any energy until they reached the Master Glyph.
  • At the other end of the causeway, a huge obsidian pyramid was surrounded by a ring of burning blood. The image was the same as the vision Telith had before joining the Guardians. They knew they were in the right place. The massive stone doors had an impression in them, and Rooker’s chakram Spiritbreaker fit perfectly inside. The doors swung open.
  • Oddly, no one seemed to be home. No opposition met the party as they entered the pyramid. Rooker had “seen” the path to Lasdolon and the Master Glyph, so he was able to guide them through the pyramid. Even the huge Chained Abyss creature that stood guard before the room leading to the Master Glyph made no move against them as they passed by.
  • They were clearly expected, so the Guardians made no effort to be subtle. They barged through the doors that led into the Grand Temple of Tharzduun, and were greeted by well over a dozen drow soldiers and priestesses. On the far side of the room was a large glowing Master Glyph, humming faintly as the power within it reached into the vastness of space to pull a star out of the sky.
  • And standing in front of the glyph was Lasdolon. He turned to the party and smirked, thanking them for joining him on such a special occasion. He told them that he often manipulated the souls within the Eye of the Abyss to change his form. It was time they saw his true form.
  • The party watched as wings exploded from his back. His armor fell away as his limbs swelled and stretched, growing into a gigantic avatar of death. Lasdolon drew his sword and ordered his minions to attack.
  • Crossbows, fireballs, and Lasdolon’s own powerful magics rained down on the Guardians. Many nearly fell. Chakos did. Wounded and weary, with everything on the line, the Guardians of Golarion lived up to their name. The slowly advanced, wading through the drow soldiers, then the priestesses, finally engaging with their longtime foe Lasdolon. After many near-deaths, Lasdolon was struck down and the Master Glyph was deactivated.
  • While he lay dying, Tharzduun showed his displeasure for Lasdolon’s failure. Tentacles grew out of the ground and pulled Lasdolon’s body apart, drawing the remains back into the Abyss.
  • The Ashen Order and Kwava entered the Temple, and together the heroes departed from the darkness of the Darklands.  
  • They had won.
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
01 Sep 2020
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