Fort Macallen

Fort Macallen, built buy the great Philoh Henrin, the first Whitehowler mercenary. Created as a starting point for all mercenaries of the Whitehowlers. The Fort has stood for just over 300 years, survived disasters, war, attacks from monsters, and 10 years of a terrible winter that nearly wiped the Whitehowlers off the face of the planet.


Created by the high commander of the Whitehowlers as a place to jump off for the Mercenaries. It's ruled by the High commander, and a small board of former mercenaries that help keep the place in check.


Fort Macallen has large, 100 foot tall walls, with heavy gun emplacements and heavy/light machine gun nests. Each person living in Fort Macallen (excluding children, putting the number at about 3000 adults) is able to take up arms and defend the Fort. Using mechs from all countries, even some of their own and some skiffs of the Tribes of Shayeda. In the center of town sits a heavy artillery unit cannon, designed for laying down fire up to a 300 mile perimeter around the Fort. The Mercenary forces have mostly bolt action rifles, with some small caliber machineguns. With a couple mobile light machine guns

Industry & Trade

Though not the most industrialized group in 'Placeholder (Iron Harvest Style)', the Whitehowlers build their own ammo, and some of their own heavy cannons.


Fort Macallen is a settlement on the ocean, having a large harbor for sending out expeditions of adventures. Being on the ocean it has a large amount of windmills, for both work and power.


With a heavy mix of mechs, firearms, and ammunition, the forces of Whitehowlers can handle most anything, on ground and air.


Created as a place for Mercenaries of the Whitehowlers to have a jumping place, it has been attacked a couple of times over its 300+ years. Mostly by the Tribes of Shayeda, only one attack was by a large, powerful country, when the Stepmorian Empire was on Ocone.


There are very few non-Mercs in Fort Macallen, those who are are either prisoners, or are childcare for the 300 children in the forest.


Most buildings are built with ghost pine wood, a white wood with a very strong and comfortable scent, along with stone foundations. The walls are made out of a strong stone.


The Fort sits on the coast of the Northern Ice ocean, the biome around it is a tundra, the surrounding 300 miles have been cleared out, for both building supplies, and to make sure that nothing can sneak up on them, the fort also has outpost towers along the coast, with large caliber flare guns to warn of impending attacks.

Natural Resources

Around the Fort sits 10,000 acres of farmland, which equals just under 16 miles of farmland, along with forests of nearby Ghost pine trees, that grow quickly. Along with deep iron, lead, coal, and sulfur mines, creating almost near selfsufficenty
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Whitehowler Base, Fort Whitehowler
Outpost / Base
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