The Copper Wire Inn

The Copper Wire Inn is a three story stone and wood building, facing the center of the town of Kapold. Owned by the young, yet quite confusing Ella Weide. Many people, even in Heimat Der Vorfaren know of it. Boasting a large selection of drinks, some of them wild and special.   A staple of the small yet well known town, The Copper Wire Inn serves both young and old. Miyoshi keeps an eye out for the younger patrons, making sure there is no trouble for them.


Ella (also known as Ellara) hires only a few people, as she prefers to handle everything herself.   Johan Frenzel: A young 15 year old Heimatwelter boy who serves as a dishbus and server. Serving the tables.   Michelle Klopfer: A 50 year old Heimatwelter woman who keeps the 18 rooms on the second and third floors cleaned and prepped for customers. She also helps behind the bar, making meals when Ella is busy.   Miyoshi Joji: A 19 year old Garakuta man, who carries things for Ella and is the makeshift bouncer, although the tavern doesn't really need one.


The Kapold Special: A sweet tasting drink, made from the hotspring water being pumped from higher up the mountain. The Kapold Special is easily made, by grinding up two sugar cubes, putting them in a shaker, along with a glass of water and pure vanilla extract, shaking and mixing it. It is served cold with a Mountain fruit slice attached to the rim of the cup. While not inherently alcoholic, it can be altered slightly by adding a shot of spirits. Served in a large glass.   Mountaineer: A quick boosting energy drink with a tangy taste, the Mountaineer is used to get that pep in your step. Made with freshly squeezed Mountain fruit, stirred with a little extra sugar, and an Ella twist. Many hikers get a canteen of Mountaineer to go. It can be drunk at any temperature but it is served cold. Served in a large glass.   Zurückschnappen: A strong drink, many order it not expecting the sudden punch it delivers. It starts off with a light tang with some sweetness, then the spirits hit like a truck. Many use it to wake up in the mornings. It is served luke warm with ice cubes. Served in a small glass.   Knallgeschoss: A small drink in a shotglass. It is an Ella special. Made with something that makes it sparkle. It explodes in the drinkers mouth, much like a carbonated drink. It has a flavorful taste, citrusy, but not overly so. Sweet, but not sickening. With the aftertaste of alcohol, but almost tame. Served cold and in a shot glass.   Eisige Banane: A sweet drink, with a frozen twist. With chopped up banana, poured into a sweet mix of liquids, with a frozen chocolate ice scoop on top, along with a cherry. It can be played with to be alcoholic. Served in a tall glass, with spoon and straw.   Geschmack der Natur: A customizable tea drink, served either cold or hot. Any type of tea can be used, but Ella mostly has Black Tea, Yellow tea, and some flavored teas. Garnished with the slightly tangy tasting root of a Blut Cremen shrub (Which is common in the grasslands). Which is crushed into powder and shaken into the drink, which dissolves into the drink. While most of Ella’s drinks are turned alcoholic by putting spirits, beer is put into the Geschmack during the creation process. It is served in a mug, and can be put in a canteen. The nonalcoholic version is good for when a person feels sick. Extra ingredients can be added for a different taste, including different types of flowers, or leafs   Zitrus-Geschmack: A sweet tasting citrus drink, with lots of added sugar. Its a favorite of the children of Kapold, and during hot months. Ella has a lot of it premade, kept in a keg in the freezer. It is served either in a large glass, or given in a canteen.   Pine Beer: A drink common in Whitehowler territory and taphouses. It started off as a adult drink, but after a bit of time, they started making it without alcohol content. Made from the ‘juiced’ roots of a Ghost Pine, sugar, and some carbonation, Pine Beer is a drink for all ages. Served in glass bottles imported from Whitehowler territory   Ella also sells commonplace drinks and booze, though she is most well known for being able to mix anything into a drink.  


Ella is not a cook, so she does not serve foods as varied as her drinks, although the three staff members contribute to the meals.   Geflügelstreifen: Strips of poultry meat, breaded with crispy bier batter, served with a choice of sauce, potato cuts, and a large leaf of kopfsalat.   Sakana gohan rappu: A Maiti no jōnetsuan Shogunate staple, made with rice, fish (or another meat, though mostly seafood), sometimes vegetables, wrapped in a thin piece of bread. Served in finger food size.   Wurst und Brezeln: Sold almost everywhere in Heimatwelt, Wurst und Brezeln is a commonplace meal. A long sausage, usually made with pork, and a twisty piece of bread, sometimes lightly salted.   Wurstpfannkuchen: A common breakfast, sausage, along with flapjacks, doused in syrup. The flapjacks can have berries, banana, nuts, or even chocolate in them.   Geflügel, Speck, Kopfsalat, Tomate (GSKT): A sandwich with poultry, bacon, lettuce and tomato, most commonly served with toasted bread, although normal bread is not abnormal. It can also be served with cheese.   Tamago to gohan: Rice, with a cooked egg on top. It can be served with sausage, poultry, or bacon, along with potato chunks.


The first floor has entirely stone floors, made with nice marble. The walls are made from a mix of Flarewood and Ghost Pine. The second floor is made out wood, as is the third floor.


The first floor has 5 entries, with two going to the main bar. There are a decent amount of windows, though most are kept shuttered.

Sensory & Appearance

The lighting in the main part of the bar is good, making it so that the windows are not needed. One light, specifically, hangs right above Ella's Shotgun. Candles, hanging from strategic points on the walls, combat the overpowering smell of booze.   The second and third stories follow the same lighting. With well-lit rooms for the patrons.

Contents & Furnishings

The first floor of the tavern has an entire wall filled with bottles, glasses, and jars of unknown substances that Ella uses to make drinks, along with her revolver shotgun that she keeps nearby. A small part of the bar front has a stove and fridge, for food orders.   The floor itself has a large rug set on it, with most of the tables and chairs on said rug.   The second room has overflow tables and chairs. Although not as well decorated, it is still quite comfortable,


The Tavern's structures are built with Whitehowler Ghost Pine wood, with Blackstone from the nearby mines. The corners of the built with the Ghost Pine, with a beam separating second and first stories. And accenting the door frame, which is made out of Flarewood.   The Tavern has a large amount of doors, though most of them are used to let more air in during hot months.   The building also has a tower, sometimes used for watching for airships.


Built by Ella when she first moved into town, the tavern has seen many travelers, and many parties. Most marriages happen in the tavern. Although only standing for around 3 years, it has become a permanent part of the areas history.
When Ella first bought the land that the Copper Wire Inn now stands on, there was an old store there. Which had to be demolished before the new building could be erected. The store, which had been out of commission for twenty years, still had some items in. Ella entered, to see if there was anything salvageable. Hidden under the counter was a massive box of bottles, imported from Stepmor. The bottles were a long gone Stepmorian brewery specialty. Wrapped around the bottle necks were copper wire. Ella removed them, along with a couple small kniknacks from the store. For the grand opening of the newly named Copper Wire, Ella broke open a couple of the bottles. The wine, which had been fermented for nearly a hundred years, blew the minds of the citizens. She still has a shelf with a handful of those bottles.
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Ella's Place, Kapold Tavern
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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8 Mar, 2022 05:30

This sounds like a fun, homey bar to visit. I like how the specialty drinks are made from local ingredients and the small world tie in to things like how hikers would grab one of the drinks to go. The building materials also caught my attention, primarily the two types of wood mentioned. Do either wood have any special properties?

8 Mar, 2022 15:31

Yes! I'll touch on this when I make an article about wood types in Gi Tis Synkomidís Sidírous' wood types. But I'll give you a little teaser.   Flare wood is a reddish, easily crafted wood, it gives off a low glow when it's dark. Imported from the Northeastern part of the Maiti no jōnetsuan Shogunate. Ghost Pine is strong, almost reinforced metal strong. The Whitehowlers of the north use it to build homes and accent their walls. It also gives of a very relaxing scent.

8 Mar, 2022 15:02

This place sounds so much like an old pub I visited last year! I adore the drinks, especially the Zurückschnappen seems like a good wake-up drink indeed. I wonder though... why is it named the Copper Wire Inn? Could be something for you to delve deeper into. ^^   Keep up the good work! :D

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9 Mar, 2022 06:31

I love the maps that you used for this article and the description of the drinks ( Does it only serve drinks but no food? ). The history is also interesting and I do like how you talked about the staff of the tavern and how you described what it looked like as well!, Overall a good article

9 Mar, 2022 06:33

It does serve food, but as Ella isn't a cook, she just serves common place stuff.

10 Mar, 2022 13:54

The drinks and food here are what really sell this. They are great! The whole place sounds like a lively, happy bar where people can forget a hard day. The only suggestion I have is maybe add some local flavor through quotes on how people feel about it. But it's not necessary! Good job!

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10 Mar, 2022 14:29

Like the backstory behind the inn's name.   Also appreciate the map of the general floor plans, though I personally would have liked to see some basic furnishings (tavern tables, beds for the inn etc.) so that it doesn't feel quite so empty.   Minor quibbles aside, looks good all in all!   ------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

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Nice detail on the menu there! Maybe highlight the names a bit, perhaps by bolding them? I also like the architectural details and staff.   I wonder, perhaps place the map in the sidebar section, perhaps in the last section which causes it to display without the sidebar border? That way you fill the sidebar up a bit, and have less of a scroll on the main body.

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Great details and content ideas. I particularly like this sentence ".Candles, hanging from strategic points on the walls, combat the overpowering smell of booze." (although strategic has a typo in your text).   Something I used to do was fill in the template sections to get all my ideas down, then move content up to the main section. I think readers shouldn't miss on that sentence. You could also move some of is to the sidebar. You have a lot of format/layout control that way even without css.   SolarCat pointed out in Discord that Aloud and Quote boxes could be used. The drinks section might benefit from that. I like the idea of moving the map to the sidebar too. When you click an image it takes you to a full page view of it so readers could still see all the details.

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16 Mar, 2022 16:03

Your drinks are really great. Above all, I find it interesting that the tavern is actually known for its alcohol, but still has so many non-alcoholic drinks - which are also quite original than a glass of water or a glass of juice.   The map could contain more details, but it is still clear and I really like the hint about the naming. Vielen Dank.

18 Mar, 2022 09:19

I like the part how the inn got the name! Always nice to find treasure like that. And a watchtower is always an awesome addition! :D

19 Mar, 2022 01:21

Interesting article. How many kids do they serve at this tavern? My main comments would be that it looks like you've put the map in twice, and like JAWest13, I would love to see some detail or labels on it. Also, you've got a lot of sentence fragments, so you may want to go back over and check for those. I love the header image!

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I see you've put lots of thought into the map and the drinks. Good job!

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31 Mar, 2022 17:28

Really nice article. I especially like the detailed descriptions of drinks and food. Also the story behind the name was a lovely detail. Good job!