A small town to the far Northern reaches of Alles Als Heimatwelt, Kapold was originally a small mining Hamlet, named after the family who first started the town, with 50 miners working the Iron mine nearby, it stayed this way for about 40 years. Then a young woman came into the area, buying a small plot of land and building an Inn there. As the people of Kapold started visiting this Inn, they realized how amazing the drinks that young woman served were, more people came into the town from Lenzberg and Lauterbach, two towns from the south. The town started growing. The young woman, seemingly out of nowhere, informed a small family in the town, who had lost their miner, that there was a hot spring up the mountain, around 117 miles. If they wanted, she would help pay for the materials and labor to bring the hot springs water down into Kapold, and build a bath. The family, needing income, agreed, on the condition that the woman, Ella, would get some of the income from the bath house. Ella, surprisingly, brought a crew of Garakuta workers from the Maiti no jōnetsuan Shogunate to build the water system and bath house, as the Shogunate were famous for their amazing mineral baths. The family flourished, with a little income going to Ella, and soon the town was easily on the map, but due to the strange geography not many people could move there, making Kapold a tourist town. 404 stable citizens live there, with around 300 being miners (women included) and the other 104 making up the children, and hotel owners.     Soon after the Bathhouse was built, more ores were found in the mine, along with some gems of high quality. Kapold has an exquisite jeweler living in town, who makes some of the country's most sought after jewelry, especially when it's made with Kapold jewels and metal.


With no military base, the Gesetzeshüter and the people of Kapold are its defense, with the mountain creating a single way in and out. As tensions in the world have risen, Kapold has received four Whitehowler mercenaries, a light machine gun, and a case of Antipersonen-/Panzerminen mines. And a mining MK-01 Bodenfräser, which has been stripped of its cannon (which has been placed in a small hidden pillbox on the road into the town) and replaced with a large drill.    Every citizen has a rifle and sidearm for every adult, with variations including shotguns, some submachine guns, and of course the common bolt action rifle.

Industry & Trade

The town of Kapold, while small, provides a decent amount of goods to Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt. Including excellent ore, near perfect gems and jewelry, and invigorating mineral water.


While Kapold doesnt have a huge road system, it does have a well built one. With the nearby village of Lauterbach sending MK23 Arbeiterklasse Summerkrabbe mechs and material up to keep the roads fixed up.   Kapold also has an underground pipeline from the hotsprings in the mountains, designed to keep the water hot on its way down. Although originally designed for the bathhouse, it has been added onto for Kapold-Mineralwasser, a small bottling group who is also owned by the owners of the bathhouse.   Also up on the mountain, is a windmill, assisting the mining company in paying for electricity to the village. Depending on the weather, sometimes they're able to rely simply on the windmill, and are able to sell some power back to the company that they are connected to.


Due to it's small size, Kapold has only a single warehouse holding extra parts, and the tradeable supplies.

Points of interest

Misty Tree Jewelry: A small store in the town of Kapold, the owner, Mr Zaamil al-Abdella, is a Shayeda tribesman who moved to Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt when he was young. When he learned that Kapold had a need for a jeweler and fine metal worker he jumped at te opportunity, setting up shop and creating the finest jewelry in Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt. Many of the wealthier Heimatwelters try and get their hands on any pieces made by him, which helps him, and Kapold flourish.     The Copper Wire Inn: Owned by Ella Weide, who is the goddess Ellara in mortal form, the Inn does well on its own, with Ella making some of the most famous drinks in the world, due to her being a goddess. The building itself is in perfect shape, with some of Zaamil's fine metalwork adoring its doorways and windows.     Kapold Hot springs Bathhouse: One of the original Kapold families lost their miner during a tragic cave in, and were down on their luck, when Ella offered them a deal. She would assist them in building a bathhouse, so long as she got some of the profits. They agreed, and the Kapold Hot springs Bathhouse is a favorite spot for tourists.     The Gilded Ivory Inn: The other Inn in town, it doesnt serve food or drink, as it would lose out to Ella's Copper Wire, but it does have many more beds than the Copper Wire does. As such it holds it's own. Standing four stories tall, other than the windmill it is the tallest building in Kapold.     Kapold-Mineralwasser: An automatized bottling plant owned by the same family that owns the Kapold Bathhouse, the plant spits out bottled water, straight from the spring. Somehow it keeps up the demand of the whole country. It's built deep into the rock, with 5 stories of pure water bottling. The bottles are not plastic, they are a thin yet strong metal bottle, also created in the factory.


Buildings in Kapold are built mostly with Stone and metal, making them able to withstand the harsh winds of the area. The buildings themselves are mostly either black, made from pure stone, or painted white. Though some places, like The Copper Wire are built with more wood.


While surrounded with plains, the area around Kapold is rocky and unforgiving, Kapold mostly takes up one of the few flat areas on the mountain. The people of Kapold building up and down to compensate for this. With the higher buildings getting an amazing view of the surrounding areas, and on a clear, calm day, it is just possible to make out the ocean from the top of the windmill.
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