Whitehowler Mercenaries

The Whitehowler Mercenaries handle jobs both inside countries and outside, helping the Alles Als Heimatwelt forces in patrolling the unowned lands, trying to keep any sort of monsters at bay. While they may been seen as the monster hunters, the Whitehowlers also help people with what they call 'commissions' like clearing out animals, searching ruins, finding old artifacts, and finding people. A lot of young adults join the Whitehowlers, looking for adventure.


High Mercenary Commander | Regional Mercenary Commander | City Mercenary Commander

Public Agenda

To do what governments can or will not do, for those who need help.


The Whitehowler's have castles, Forts, outposts, spread across the countries, with some in the wilds.    Holding what could be considered a small military, it is held as one of the most well trained military. Using a heavy mix of different mechs, vehicles, and weapons. With a large vault somewhere in Fort Macallen, they hold a large amount of currency of multiple types.


Created over 300 years ago, the Whitehowler Mercenaries came to be when the great High Mercenary Commander Philoh Henrin, decided that there needed to be a group of people who were willing to do things the governments didn't have time for. First organized as a sort of 'adventures guild', The Whitehowlers were quickly reformed into an anti monster group, when the first Monster Portal opened in 2044.

Demography and Population

With a total of 9000 active members, and 4000 extra recruits being introduced. With the war coming up, many people have decided to help however they can. The Whitehowlers are spread across the land, with small outposts, and castles across the countries.


While not a country, the Whitehowlers control some land, and have forts and castles in all the countries they're active in.


With each mercenary being a fighter, their prowess sharpened by fighting monsters and assortments of bandits and criminal forces in the wildlands.   Using weapons procured from each country, and even some of their own. The Mercenaries use mostly bolt action rifles, mostly of a heavier caliber, the smaller mercenaries use the few submachine guns and the more common smaller caliber rifles.   With a heavy variation in mechanical forces, the Mercenaries can handle most anything thrown at them.

Foreign Relations

While not an actual country, the Whitehowler Mercenaries have the power of one, with nearly 9000 members spread across the world, it has seats in Alles Als Eis Heimatwelt, Muutaman Maan, and Maiti no jōnetsu, with the Kingdom of Eagleminsia and the Stepmorian Empire not agreeing with the Mercenaries, but they allow them in. The Tribes of Sheyeda actively attack patrols of Whitehowlers, and attack the fort.

Agriculture & Industry

With a large amount of farm and live stock land, factories in Fort Macallen churning out Whitehowler rifles.

For those in need of adventure

Founding Date
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Whitehowlers, Whitemercs, Whitecoats
Head of State
Head of Government
Using a variety of currency, the Whitehowlers lean towards the Alles Als Eins Heimatweltian Währung.
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt and the Whitehowler Mercenaries send out joint teams to hunt down monsters, and patrol for Stepmorian and Eagleminsian soldiers.


With some Whitehowler Mercenaries being from the Commonwealth, the leaders have found that most of the Mercenaries are moral, and intelligent. As such, the Commonwealth occasionally upgrades Whitehowler Mechs with specialized weapons and systems.


Whitehowlers work in the Stepmor Empire, albeit minimally.


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