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Dotharan Coast

Peaty, earthen mists and towering jungle trees guard the Dotharan coastline, a region in Northern Felora , home to and the namesake of the Dotharan Alliance , as well as the Dotharic Orc Polity, and some of the D'jo . The Dotharan coast has been continually settled for most of known history, alongside Inner Felora and the giant realms of the Great North in Galisea.


The Dotharan coast begins at the mouth of the Banban River, continuing east until the Cape of Telora. It is part of the northern coast of Felora, along the Tealastrian Sea. The relatively flat coastal plains slope gradually until the foothills of the Dotharan Mountains, and dozens of rivers flow to the coast from them. These rivers flow through the Dothar Rainforest, which sits along the middle of the plain between the coastline itself and the mountains.


In most of the coast, there is a dry and wet season cycle, each lasting approximately 3 Feloran Months (70 days each). In more inland regions, at higher elevations, there are other more localised seasons. The Dotharan Coast is home to jungles, cloud forests, and swamps. In higher elevations, the tree cover decreases and it becomes cooler and more temperate.


Earliest uncovered archealogical tools indicate that prehistoric wood elves first spread across the Dotharan Coast sometime between 15,000-20,000 years ago. Some of the oldest materials in the Library of Lumora are of tablets of this time, which have been undeciphered by any modern scholar, but exhibit qualities of the feywilds. These tribes are believed to have developed into the three Formeni civilisations, of which little is known. The early Felorans would conquer these people (Sol, Ui'ghan, and Thàro) in their first expansions beyond their homeland to the south.   The coast was part of the Imperial Feloran Core for the next 6.5 thousand years, becoming the Feloran province of Dothara. It was home to much of the Empire's orcish populations, and was the site of numerous rebellions leading up to the Je'thor Revolution. Til Formen'ya and other cities along the coastline were the launch points for the ill-fated Northern Invasions, the 200-year conflict that brought the Feloran Empire to its end.   In modern times, the cosmopolitan mercantile alliance of citystates along the coastline have begun to move further inland in search of resources to exploit, bringing the nascent half-elven society into conflict with the resident Feloran Orcish Tribes. Numerous outposts and towns have been set up by Alliance members as they work to natively-adapt Cyrenican industry.

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Cover image: by Frederic Edwin Church


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