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Hareth, the Lady of Mirrors

Cover by Magnificent Blue
The Monastery hummed with the sound of whispers. The sisters cluttered together despite the angered calling of the Matriarch. I must confess, I almost returned to my bedchambers out of fear of her wrath. But I have no regrets. As I stepped out onto the snow covered courtyard, I felt something. Like a touch of a creature far too strange for my own comprehension. Like millions of eyes laying upon me at once. And as I touched a sister, staring off into the sky; she turned to me, eyes glazed over and a child-like smile upon her lips as the acolyte whispered whispered "she's back."
— Free flight of the Moth Queen, by Samaril ir Randahal

Divine Domains

Death, Fate, Healing, Knowledge, Love, Time, Water,

Holy Books & Codes

  • The Book of Mirrors: First part of this tome is a selection of tales of the lady, including local myths, widely accepted truths and depictions of the goddess. The book also includes sections on common prophecies, canonised instances of interaction with Hareth and a long section (making up about half of the tome), on rituals, prayers and common practices of the faith.Each copy of the book comes with a blank section for one's own contemplation and experiences with the goddess.
  • Songs of the Lake: A book containing religious hymns and prayers to the lady. In Faron, each area of the country contains a slightly different array of songs, poems and stories relevant to the region. Other countries also have their own versions, but those tend to encompass the whole country, due to the differences in number.
  • Ir Ava Mora: A compendium of teachings, rituals and spells used by Harethian witches, hallowed necromancers and clerics to combat and banish undeath.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The two most prominent symbols of Hareth are the Mirror, and the Rose. It is said, that Hareth sits in the trunk of Eana, the world tree, in a temple full of mirrors, where snow falls lightly into the water veins running throughout it. The mirrors of her temple are said to contain all possible versions of the one looking in. Sceptics and people opposed to Hareth claim it is so that she and her followers may stare at themselves in vanity. In truth, Hareth wishes all for all to see themselves as part of a bigger picture. Her eyes see all in every possible way, and Hareth encourages her followers to attempt the same. To ignore what is before oneself is considered a slight not only to the Lady of Mirrors. At the creation of the world, Hareth made it so that one could see their reflection in springs, lakes and other pools of water as a constant reminder of this.

The rose to represent Hareth, is no common red flower, but the Nala Or'lonod, the Farene ethereal bloom. Named so for its practical immortality and dark swirling patterns present on the petals of the flower. Hareth holds these flowers close in particular, because they were not a creation of the gods, they were their byproduct; an effect of their existence, which none could help. They grow in areas of concentrated arcane power, and as such can be found in the strangest of places. Battlefields, deserts, deep within forests and in dark caverns. In the recent years, Hareth has taken to keeping souls of great magi, or even magical beasts, so that these flowers would grow in her temple.

Tenets of Faith

  • Thou shall free the undead from their abominable unlife whenever possible. Their state, whilst a crime, is pitiful and they still deserve the respect given to any other of the departed.
  • Fate is not a solid object. It is like water, which melds and folds upon new surface. Prophecy is no excuse for you to stand still.
  • The scythe was the tool of a farmer, before it was the tool of a killer.
  • A rose garden full of thorns is one that has been abandoned. Without care we all have the potential to grow bitter and resentful.
  • A diviners most important tools are her ability to read a situation, and mastery of knowing when to speak, and when to remain silent.
  • A mirror is as powerful a tool of war as any blade.
  • Violence, is the last option of any conflict, not the first.


  • Forefathers Eve: A celebration taking place on the 30th of Calling. Mostly prominent in Faron, where the day is taken to visit the graveyards, tidy, clean and decorate them with flowers, snitches and small hand written notes burned at sun-dawn. After a day of tending to the graves, whole families gather for a large feast made up of animals sacrificed on the day, remnants of the last harvest and fermented grape juice. Songs are sang, people dance and wait out the night. Offerings are often left out for one's ancestors.
  • The Grey Wedding: On the Spring Equinox, young folk gather around with a home made effigy of Hareth, which is set on fire and drowned, symbolising the end of winter and the coming of spring. It is a respectful ritual, with the understanding that winter shall always return by the end of the year, as per the natural cycle. This holiday began at the end of the Silent Era, when Hareth was released from her captor, and the first winter of her return marked a new age. At the start of spring, folk dress Hareth in white and red, then send her down to the roots of Eana, so that the warmer months can commence.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Hareth's main goal for quite some time now has been to recover from the events of the Silent Vigil. Whilst four centuries of captivity may not have been a long time for a goddess, Hareth's followers have felt her absence rather deeply, and many of her shorter lived followers have turned away from the absent goddess. Since her return, the winter mother has been making an active effort to reconnect with her children.   On her list of priorities, also sits the destruction of all undead, and returning the poor souls to her realm. It is one of the holy duties of her clerics and followers in general. This includes curing and preventing the spread of disease which also furthers Donna'dei's influence.
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Mirrors, Mother Winter, The Prophetess, The Caged Goddess, Moth Queen
Favoured Weapon
Cleric Alignment
True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral
Sacred Colours
Purple, Grey, White
Favoured Animal
Jakirosz, the Chained One
Character | Sep 25, 2019

Husband of the Prophetess and the God of Pain

Temple of a Thousand Mirrors
Geographic Location | Sep 25, 2019

Home of the Prophetess, the quiet wood of the dead


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